Discovery (Deluxe - Remastered 2015) Mike Oldfield

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Label: Mercury

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

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  • 1To France (Remastered 2015)04:43
  • 2Poison Arrows (Remastered 2015)03:53
  • 3Crystal Gazing (Remastered 2015)03:03
  • 4Tricks Of The Light (Remastered 2015)03:53
  • 5Discovery (Remastered 2015)04:34
  • 6Talk About Your Life (Remastered 2015)04:25
  • 7Saved By A Bell (Remastered 2015)04:38
  • 8The Lake (Remastered 2015)12:10
  • 9To France (Extended Version / Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)05:37
  • 10In The Pool (Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)03:42
  • 11Bones (Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)03:21
  • 12Afghan (Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)02:40
  • 13Tricks Of The Light (Instrumental / Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)03:57
  • 14To France (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)04:47
  • 15The Lake (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)13:43
  • 16The Killing Fields (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)02:44
  • 17Etude (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)04:38
  • 18The Royal Mile (Reworked 2015)03:37
  • 19Zombies (Reworked 2015)03:45
  • 20Discovery (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)04:28
  • Total Runtime01:38:18

Info for Discovery (Deluxe - Remastered 2015)

Discovery was Mike Oldfield’s ninth studio album. Originally released in June 1984, the UK Top 20 album contains two songs which Oldfield would later include on Two Sides his career best of – ‘The Lake’, an expansive instrumental reflection on Lake Geneva and ‘To France’, a classic folk-pop ballad featuring Maggie Reilly. Newly remastered for 2015 and gathering together in-era B-sides, this new edition of Discovery is offered in a Deluxe Edition which includes a newly-compiled work by Mike Oldfield himself – The 1984 Suite, which gathers together tracks from Discovery and The Killing Fields together with rarities and a newly-voiced version of ‘Poison Arrows’, called ‘Zombies (Halloween Special).’

„With 1984's Discovery, Mike Oldfield seems to be back on track, utilizing the vocal power of Maggie Reilly and the drum playing of Simon Phillips to create some rather appealing selections. 'The Lake' is a simply gorgeous instrumental inspired by Switzerland's Lake Geneva, the location in which the album was recorded, while 'To France' is a powerful pop/rock tune based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Both Reilly and Barry Palmer share the vocal duties throughout the tracks, signifying Oldfield's subtle emergence into a more pop-infused atmosphere. 'Tricks of the Light' is a wonderful instrumental that relies on the keyboard to give it energy, while even so-so efforts like the title track and 'Poison Arrows' come off as upbeat and inspired. Discovery peaked at number 15 in the U.K., and even though it didn't garner much attention elsewhere, it serves as one of Mike Oldfield's most entertaining releases from the decade.“ (Mike DeGagne, AMG)

Mike Oldfield, all instruments (except drums)
Maggie Reilly, vocals
Barry Palmer, vocals
Simon Phillips, drums

Produced by Mike Oldfield, Simon Phillips

Digitally remastered

Mike Oldfield
is an artist like no other. Over the last 37 years he has produced timeless, unique and inspirational music that has enthralled listeners the world over.

In terms of overnight success stories, Mike Oldfield's is astounding. After a short stint playing bass in Kevin Ayers' backing band, he was taken under the guiding wing of a 22-year-old Richard Branson and Tubular Bells was born. Thrillingly enigmatic music that sounds like nothing before or since, a critical and commercial success, and, to cap it all, the coveted Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition after an excerpt was used in the film The Exorcist.

A blessing and a curse, the magnitude of Mike's sudden success could easily have stalled him and yet he returned almost immediately with another two-movement pastoral masterwork Hergest Ridge and a year later issued the groundbreaking world music suite Ommadawn. Mike Oldfield is that rare beast, the intuitive artist, a confident and creative multi-instrumentalist, not bound by rule or convention and content to follow his own path: "All I want to express with my music is my feelings. I think it's the purpose. To show images, landscapes, love, hate, fury."

Mike Oldfield -"Everything on Tubular Bells was done on the first take - it was lovely, so spontaneous. I had such a long time to prepare it, and I had just one little chance to do it, and now I listen to it and it has a lovely spontaneous energy. It's got mistakes, and I could easily have cut them out, but I left them on."

Mike Oldfield - "I'd like to see somebody come and play differently from everybody else, not using the Blues scale, not turning into jazz, but making something new out of nothing."

Mike Oldfield -"I don't listen to my old albums. I'm too afraid. I'm always thinking about the next album. There comes a point when I finish an album, and I say: 'That's that.'"

John Peel - "Without borrowing anything from established classics or descending into the discords, squeals and burps of the determinedly avant-garde, Mike Oldfield has produced music which combines logic with surprise, sunshine with rain."

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