The Killing Fields (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Remastered 2015) Mike Oldfield

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Label: Mercury

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Original Score

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  • 1Pran's Theme (Remastered 2015)00:48
  • 2Requiem For A City (Remastered 2015)02:12
  • 3Evacuation (Remastered 2015)05:13
  • 4Pran's Theme 2 (Remastered 2015)01:40
  • 5Capture (Remastered 2015)02:25
  • 6Execution (Remastered 2015)04:48
  • 7Bad News (Remastered 2015)01:12
  • 8Pran's Departure (Remastered 2015)02:06
  • 9Worksite (Remastered 2015)01:17
  • 10The Year Zero (Remastered 2015)00:28
  • 11Blood Sucking (Remastered 2015)01:18
  • 12The Year Zero 2 (Remastered 2015)00:38
  • 13Pran's Escape / The Killing Fields (Remastered 2015)03:17
  • 14The Trek (Remastered 2015)02:01
  • 15The Boy's Burial / Pran Sees The Red Cross (Remastered 2015)02:44
  • 16Good News (Remastered 2015)01:46
  • 17Etude (Remastered 2015)04:39
  • 18Evacuation (Remastered 2015 / Single Edit / Bonus Track)04:14
  • 19Etude (Remastered 2015 / Single Edit / Bonus Track)03:07
  • Total Runtime45:53

Info for The Killing Fields (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Remastered 2015)

Mike Oldfield was asked in 1984 to score Roland Joffe’s film about two journalists’ experiences in the ‘killing fields’ of Kampuchea. Although Oldfield’s music is synonymous with film, it is his first and only score to date, The film was highly acclaimed winning two Academy awards and Oldfield’s score was an integral part of it, earning him a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination. Newly remastered for 2016, The Killing Fields is a well-regarded entry in Mike Oldfield’s illustrious discography. As with all of Oldfield’s critically acclaimed re-release programme, the notes include a new interview with Mike.

„Crack all the jokes you want about Mike Oldfield and his Tubular Bells becoming the hit theme song for The Exorcist. While Oldfield is an amazing guitarist who could play with the best of them, with a lithe synth touch that became a trademark, the bottom line is that the man is a serious composer. All the proof one needs apart from his own records like Incantations and Hergest Ridge is this killer movie score. While Oldfield used a purely Western and neo-classical formal approach to write the music for Roland Joffé's dramatization of true events, his musical mates were among the best in the business at helping him to bring it off: David Bedford wrote arrangements and directed the choir, while Eberhard Schoener helped to conduct and direct another choir (!) and master percussionist Morris Pert lent his talents to the mix as well. While many scores written during the 1980s come off as laughable fluff in the 21st century, Oldfield's score for The Killing Fields is in many ways far more memorable than the film itself. The music here is full of drama, dynamic, textures, and unexpected twists and turns even in the smallest of the incidental pieces, and carries within it a certain majesty that lacks pomp and remains graceful throughout.“ (Thom Jurek, AMG)

Mike Oldfield, guitars, synthesizers, Fairlight computer
Preston Heyman, oriental percussion
Morris Pert, percussion
Eberhard Schoener, conductor
Bavarian State Orchestra
Tölzer Boys Choir

Produced by Mike Oldfield

Digitally remastered

Mike Oldfield
is an artist like no other. Over the last 37 years he has produced timeless, unique and inspirational music that has enthralled listeners the world over.

In terms of overnight success stories, Mike Oldfield's is astounding. After a short stint playing bass in Kevin Ayers' backing band, he was taken under the guiding wing of a 22-year-old Richard Branson and Tubular Bells was born. Thrillingly enigmatic music that sounds like nothing before or since, a critical and commercial success, and, to cap it all, the coveted Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition after an excerpt was used in the film The Exorcist.

A blessing and a curse, the magnitude of Mike's sudden success could easily have stalled him and yet he returned almost immediately with another two-movement pastoral masterwork Hergest Ridge and a year later issued the groundbreaking world music suite Ommadawn. Mike Oldfield is that rare beast, the intuitive artist, a confident and creative multi-instrumentalist, not bound by rule or convention and content to follow his own path: "All I want to express with my music is my feelings. I think it's the purpose. To show images, landscapes, love, hate, fury."

Mike Oldfield -"Everything on Tubular Bells was done on the first take - it was lovely, so spontaneous. I had such a long time to prepare it, and I had just one little chance to do it, and now I listen to it and it has a lovely spontaneous energy. It's got mistakes, and I could easily have cut them out, but I left them on."

Mike Oldfield - "I'd like to see somebody come and play differently from everybody else, not using the Blues scale, not turning into jazz, but making something new out of nothing."

Mike Oldfield -"I don't listen to my old albums. I'm too afraid. I'm always thinking about the next album. There comes a point when I finish an album, and I say: 'That's that.'"

John Peel - "Without borrowing anything from established classics or descending into the discords, squeals and burps of the determinedly avant-garde, Mike Oldfield has produced music which combines logic with surprise, sunshine with rain."

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