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  • 1Bigger Than Both of Us (2019 Version)04:10
  • 2Future Train (2019 Version)06:10
  • 3Girl's Going Out of Her Head (2019 Version)04:40
  • 4I'm Dreaming Again (2019 Version)04:19
  • 5Fly on the Wall (2019 Version)05:51
  • 6Just Another Suicide (2019 Version)03:58
  • 7Empty City (2019 Version)06:16
  • 8Miracle Man (2019 Version)05:30
  • 9Blown Away (2019 Version)04:47
  • 10Loser (2019 Version)06:18
  • 11She's so Fine (2019 Version)05:24
  • 12Low Life in High Places (2019 Version)05:51
  • Total Runtime01:03:14

Info for Please Remain Seated

In celebration of their 30th anniversary Thunder revisit and reinterpret a selection of their finest songs in a way you’ve never heard them before. Includes – ‘She’s So Fine’ and ‘Low Life In High Places’. Welcome to the delicate sound of Thunder...

‘Please Remain Seated’ is the sound of a band taking a strange journey into their own music, but also distilling thirty years of playing together in order to create something truly compelling, taking in flavors of rock, blues, jazz and soul along the way.

‘She’s So Fine’ was the album’s first single, and on this Friday, November 30th, Thunder will be releasing the second single / video from ‘Please Remain Seated’ – ‘Miracle Man.’ This version of the track has been given a completely new slant and fully underlines the fresh, innovative and daring approach taken by the band during the ‘Please Remain Seated’ sessions.

Danny Bowes said, “We’ve never been the kind of band that wanted to make the same album over and over, and we’ve never been scared to try new things. In fact, making Thunder music over the past 30 years has taught us that the more we challenge ourselves, the better we get. Having re-imagined and re-recorded Love Walked In in 2017, we were very stimulated by the process, and wanted to try it on other songs. We made it as live as possible, jamming ideas until we found an arrangement that felt good. We set ourselves three rules: work fast, don’t aim for perfection, and make it different to the original. Some songs fell together spontaneously, and some took a series of strange left turns before ending up in a place none of us predicted.

By shaking up old tunes in this way, we forced ourselves to rethink how we felt about them. We think it’ll probably be the same for fans when they hear them. It’s not supposed to be a ‘Best Of’, and it’s not a change of direction, it’s just another brief stop along the journey to where we’re heading (wherever that is). We really like it, and we hope others will too”.

Danny Bowes, vocals
Luke Morley, guitars
Ben Matthews, guitars, keyboards
Chris Childs, bass
Harry James, drums

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