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Josef "Wawau" Adler
Wawau Adler grew up in a Sinti family with Jazz Manouche, the music of the Gypsies. Fascinated by the virtuosity of the legendary Gypsy Jazz Guitarist, Django Reinhardt, Wawau dedicates his youth to the guitar and gains an early reputation performing in this genre as a teenager. Due to his relentless curiosity Wawau took interest in other styles of Jazz, he immersed himself into the work of iconic exponents of Jazz Guitar, other instrumentalists and the feeling of vocal interpretations. Wawau has consequently gained an enviable, worldwide reputation for performing Gypsy Jazz based on Django’s unmatched artistry and the distinct acoustic Sound of the Selmer-Maccaferri–Guitars. Moreover Wawau’s musical style goes beyond simply following Django’s musical legacy – by melting all influences with his own emotional virtuosity and powerful improvisational expression, he formed and is today renowned for the distinctive Wawau Adler Jazz Guitar Style, uniquely his own.

Eva Slongo
completed her classical violin studies with the instructor diploma of the conservatorium of Freiburg/CH and with the concert diploma of the conservatorium of Geneva. Since then the art of improvisation is her primary musical interest. Eva studied various styles of Jazz with Pierre Blanchard at the conservatorium of Lausanne and at the Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood in Paris. Gypsy-Jazz is currently her primary genre in which she performs at prestigious events and festivals. In 2011 Eva won the Prize of Best Improvisation in the competition “Concours International de Violon Stéphane Grappelli”.

Joel Locher
With his superb skills on the double bass, Joel Locher accompanies Wawau Adler already over a decade. During his classical training and formal studies he earns considerable reputation winning prestigious competitions and today he is still active in the classic genre with the upright bass. At the same time and in collaboration with Wawau Adler he developed his passion for Jazz into yet another career. Today Joel is a sought after studio pro and sideman touring the world with highly acclaimed Gypsy Jazz ensembles.

Hono Winterstein
undisputedly stands out as a rhythm guitarist in Gypsy Jazz today. With his punchy drive, irresistible swing and harmonic repertoire, he instantly creates that authentic rhythmic foundation he is internationally acclaimed for. Hono Winterstein shared the stage of the most prestigious concert halls with the greatest artists and became a legend in his own right as Biréli Lagrène’s faithful rhythm guitarist.

Bertrand Le Guillou
grew up near Samois-Sur-Seine in France. At an early age he discovered his passion for the guitar and due to the influence of the local Django Festival he falls in love with Gypsy Jazz. In Germany he celebrates his musical debut in pure Gypsy Jazz tradition with the Galo Reinhardt Trio. Today Bertrand is an accomplished and versatile musician with lots of stage and studio experience – with his style, defined by a strong swing feel, spontaneity and the right idea for the musical moment – touching the audience both as a guitarist and a singer.

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