High Expectations…Stripped Mabel

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Label: Polydor Records

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: Mabel

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  • 1High Expectations02:05
  • 2Bad Behaviour03:04
  • 3Don't Call Me Up03:13
  • 4FML03:53
  • 5We Don't Say...03:12
  • 6Selfish Love03:23
  • 7Lucky01:23
  • 8Mad Love03:04
  • 9Trouble03:46
  • 10Put Your Name On It03:17
  • 11Stckhlm Syndrome02:29
  • 12OK (Anxiety Anthem)03:51
  • 13I Belong To Me02:44
  • 14High Expectations02:37
  • Total Runtime42:01

Info for High Expectations…Stripped

High Expectations is the debut studio album by British singer and songwriter Mabel. Mabel worked with writers and producers such as Tre Jean-Marie, Steve Mac and MNEK to create the album, with its music incorporating genres of pop and R&B.

Stripping away music’s artifice while keeping true to its giddiness and excitement is Mabel’s special gift. Out of some troubling times she has fashioned a sensational, fizzing debut record, a blue-chip British album which can sit proudly on a global stage next to The Weeknd, Ariana, Drake and whatever Queens B and R have in mind for their 2019. In mood, if not exactly in sound, it has some of the complete realisation of early TLC or Aaliyah, had they spent their teenage years in Sweden, Malaga, or the backstreets of West London. The calling card of ‘High Expectations’ is the brusque, street charm that hides in plain sight among its hooky gloss, and anchors the album’s core theme of expectations (those as a woman; of love; of others; and ultimately of yourself). “I want to send a positive message to everyone that’s going to listen to it. I’ve gained so much confidence from writing this album and that’s what I want people to take away.”

“One year ago I dropped my debut album High Expectations, this year turned everyone’s plans sideways and I've been using the time in my home studio. Something a bit more intimate from me…” (Mabel)


Having just turned 24 – the day after her BRIT Award triumph, no less – Mabel now finds herself the leading light in UK pop. Since she quietly uploaded debut track ‘Know Me Better’ on to Soundcloud in 2015, Mabel’s tireless worth ethic and candid storytelling has taken her to increasingly giddy-heights (and newfound levels of confidence). Don’t Call Me Up’ was the biggest selling single of the year by a UK female artist in 2019 (with ‘Mad Love’ also in the annual top 10), having surpassed 1 million UK sales and 1 billion global streams and led to Mabel’s debut album, ‘High Expectations’, charting at number 3 and landing in the UK’s top 10 best-selling debuts. Whether tackling female empowerment (‘Boyfriend’), a toxic breakup (‘Don’t Call Me Up’) or experiences of depression (see ‘OK (Anxiety Anthem)’, and her moving discussion on Elizabeth Day’s hit podcast ‘How To Fail’,

Mabel appears the type of songwriter whose willingness to be so honest and vulnerable has only brought her greater power – not to mention a global audience of millions, for whom she is now a vital young role model.

Before you even get to her new single, Mabel can make the rare claim to have a gold-selling album/mixtape, four platinum-selling singles, a silver-selling album, two gold singles and two further silver singles already under her belt. The perfect, knowingly-imperfect modern pop star, Mabel clearly knows herself better than any ‘Boyfriend’ could – watch her seize her moment, and make many more for others to follow.

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