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Label: ECM

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Modern Jazz

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  • 1At Home06:03
  • 2Vicar Street03:44
  • 3Draw Near03:54
  • 4Blessed Feet06:07
  • 5Sani02:39
  • 6Interlude02:19
  • 7Karmosin05:10
  • 8Still There04:20
  • 9Where We Went04:47
  • 10Cocoon05:50
  • 11Around You05:35
  • 12Vesper04:28
  • 13Wide Open04:40
  • Total Runtime59:36

Info for Being There

Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen views “Being There” as the third instalment of a trilogy that began with “Changing Places” (recorded 2001 and 2002) and continued with “The Ground” (recorded 2004). On “Being There” The music’s priorities are maintained. The album’s title is borrowed from a tune on “The Ground”, intentionally stressing the continuity of the music, and also underlining its working concept, characterized by Gustavsen as “being acutely present, aware and focused in the fullness of the moment. The group has a definite direction or sound, but there are still many nuances to explore.” Gustavsen’s clearly-delineated melodies define a large part of the group’s sonic identity, but so does the manner in which the trio approaches them. Technical flamboyance has almost no role to play in Gustavsen’s sound-world: restraint is one of the music’s hallmarks.

“On the one hand”, he notes, “this is a matter of discipline, but it’s a discipline inspired by a love of spaces, not by some anorectic minimalist ideology. It’s about ‘loving every note’ – to phrase it as a slogan – or about trying to play what you’d actually like to hear rather than what you think you ought to play.” This ‘holding back’ allows room for other musical developments to flower naturally, one of which has been the drifting of Jarle Vespestad’s drums towards the centre of the sound: the drums are, as Gustavsen says, a crucial component of the music. If this has been a tendency of performances in the live setting almost from the beginning, it is especially evident on “Being There”.

“This group has probed into the very heart of musical meaning. .. There really is not a piano trio in the whole of jazz that sounds like Gustavsen.” (Jazzwise, UK)

'With his very first record as a leader, Tord Gustavsen has created an instant classic... Gustavsen is a master of pianistic control and restraint... This is the least grandstanding great jazz album I have heard since Miles Davis's ‘Kind of Blue’.” (Stereophile, USA)

Tord Gustavsen, piano
Harald Johnsen, double-bass
Jarle Vespestad, drums

Digitally remastered from the original analog tapes

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