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  • 1A Million to One03:23
  • 2It's the Only Way02:50
  • 3Back Up02:34
  • 4You on My Mind01:59
  • 5Fever02:41
  • 6Do You Ever02:40
  • 7Strange Old World02:25
  • 8One Life to Live04:25
  • 9Blackbird03:03
  • 10Cry If You Wanna Cry02:41
  • 11Teenage Liberation02:36
  • 12I Can't Stand for You to Leave Me02:34
  • Total Runtime33:51

Info for A Million to One

„The test of any great group is their staying power... the ability to sustain their popularity; to continue to be what the show business world refers to as 'box office.' In the field of entertainment, this greatness is measured by a number of standards. Radio and television shows are the victims or victors of audience ratings. Motion pictures and Broadway plays are similarly affected by attendance figures; night club and concert performers also depend on their drawing power. So it follows that recording stars are judged according to the position they attain on the best selling charts with each and every new release. The Manhattans easily make the weight in this division. For the past twelve years, The Manhattans have consistently recorded a seemingly endless string of best selling records and they have matched this consistency with a long list of sell-out performances in night clubs, theatres, and concert halls. This album is a further tribute to the greatness that is uniquely The Manhattans. Let the 'new' sounds have their say, but let's be grateful for the likes of The Manhattans who will not cut themselves off from the past, but build upon it. This is what longevity in the brittle field of artistic success is all about.“ (Donny Brooks, KATZ Radio, St. Louis)

Winfred Lovett, vocals
Edward Bivins, vocals
Kenneth Kelly, vocals
Richard Taylor, vocals
Gerald Alston, vocals

Produced by Hal Neely, Bob Riley, Bobby Smith 'Hoss' Allen

Digitally remastered

The Manhattans
Legend has it that George "Smitty" Smith, Edward "Sonny" Bivins, Winfred "Blue" Lovett, Kenneth Kelly and Richard Taylor came to call themselves the Manhattans because, as teenage singers in Jersey City, New Jersey, they'd dream about the big time while gazing across the Hudson River at the Manhattan skyline. It's a nice story, but unfortunately it is not true. In fact, the quintet took its name from a cocktail known as the Manhattan that's made from whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. Still, the name suggested class, something the Manhattans have epitomized throughout their long career. First tenor Bivins, who characterizes the group's elegant style as "progressive doo wop," first got together with baritone singer Taylor while they were serving with the Air Force in Germany during the late 1950's. After being discharged, Bivins, Lovett and Smith formed the Dulcets in 1960. In 1961, The Dulcets recorded "Pork Chops" on the Sue Label. In 1963, with the addition of Kelly and Taylor, they formed The Manhattans.

Although they began making records in 1963, the Manhattans didn't strike it big until the mid 1970's, when they successfully bucked the disco trend with a series of romantic ballads for Columbia Records. They had eight songs in the R&B Top 10 between 1973 and 1978, with the composition "Kiss And Say Good Bye" going to Number One on both the R&B and Pop Charts in 1976 and placing in the top five in England and Australia. "Shining Star" made it to number five on the Pop Charts, staying on the charts for 14 straight weeks

The Manhattans continue to bring their smooth, classy live sound to their fans, with over 100 shows worldwide last year alone. With Edward "Sonny" Bivins at baritone, Al Pazant at bass, Lee "The Reverend" Williams at lead vocal and Charles "Charming Charlie" Hardy and Harsey "The Candyman" Hemphill sharing 1st and 2nd tenor, The Manhattans continue to be one of the most sought after live R&B units of the day.

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