Spy (Remastered) Carly Simon

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Label: Warner Music

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: Carly Simon

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  • 1Vengeance04:14
  • 2Just Like You Do04:15
  • 3We're So Close05:11
  • 4Coming To Get You02:49
  • 5Never Been Gone03:37
  • 6Pure Sin03:57
  • 7Love You By Heat04:00
  • 8Spy04:15
  • 9Memorial Day08:27
  • Total Runtime40:45

Info for Spy (Remastered)

An underrated album, thanks to its lack of hit singles, 1979's „Spy“ is nonetheless one of the most intriguing items in Carly Simon's discography. Certainly it's her most rock & roll-oriented effort. Forgoing both the singer-songwriter folkiness of her earliest albums, and, to a lesser extent, the jazz-influenced melodic sophistication which first showed up in 1976's „Another Passenger“, „Spy“ is a tough 'n' tender pop-rock record, the missing link between the Carpenters and the Pretenders.

The swaggering 'Vengeance' is the highlight, a soulful rock song much more direct and believable than, say, Linda Ronstadt's 'You're No Good.' Elsewhere, the disco-tinged 'Pure Sin' foreshadows the rock-disco crossover of the MTV era, and the lengthy 'Memorial Day,' which closes the album with an extended drum solo, recalls the stylistic experiments of Joni Mitchell's jazz-based „Mingus“ album. This is perhaps not the place to start if you're looking for another 'Anticipation,' but „Spy“ is one of Carly Simon's best.

Carly Simon, vocals, guitar, piano, background vocals
James Taylor, vocals, guitar, background vocals
Mike Mainieri, vocals, keyboards, vibraphone
Ullanda McCullough, vocals, background vocals
Lucy Simon, vocals, background vocals
Tim Curry, vocals, background vocals
Gail Boggs, vocals
David Spinozza, guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Joe Caro, guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
John Hall, guitar, electric guitar
Frank Carillo, guitar
Frederick Buldrini, strings
Lamar Alsop, strings
Lewis Eley, strings
Julien Barber, strings
Jonathan Abramowitz, strings
Eddie Daniels, strings
Tony Posk, strings
Gerald Tarack, strings
Ted Hoyle, strings
Jean R. Dane, strings
Teddy Isreal, strings
Peter Dimitriades, strings
Guy Lumia, strings
Mitsue Takayama, strings
Phil Bodner, strings
James Buffington, strings
Regis Iandiorio, strings
Harold Kohon, strings
Jesse Levy, strings
Richard Maximoff, strings
Eugene J. Moye, strings
Matthew Raimondi, strings
Alan Shulman, strings
Kermit Moore, strings
Gene Orloff, strings
Paul Gershman, strings
Hubert Laws, flute
Don Grolnick, clarinet, piano, Clavinet, keyboards
Richard Tee, clarinet, electric piano, Clavinet, keyboards
David Sanborn, saxophone, alto saxophone
Peter Ballin, saxophone, alto saxophone
Michael Brecker, saxophone, tenor saxophone
Lew Del Gatto, saxophone, baritone saxophone
Peter Ballini, alto saxophone
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Tom 'Bones' Malone, trombone
Warren Bernhardt, piano, electric piano, keyboards
Ian McLaughlin, piano, keyboards
Billy Mernit, piano
Kenneth Bichel, synthesizer, Moog synthesizer
Cliff Carter, synthesizer
Rick Marotta, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Raphael Cruz, congas, percussion, bells
Errol Crusher Bennett, congas, percussion
Rafael Cruz, cowbells, percussion

Recorded from December 1978 - April 1979 at Atlantic Studios, New York City
Engineered by Lew Hahn
Produced by Arif Mardin

Digitally remastered

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