Boys In The Trees (Remastered) Carly Simon

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Label: Warner Music Group

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: Carly Simon

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  • 1You Belong To Me03:53
  • 2Boys In The Trees03:15
  • 3Back Down To Earth03:09
  • 4Devoted To You02:30
  • 5De Bat (Fly In Me Face)02:30
  • 6Haunting02:31
  • 7Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)04:04
  • 8You're The One03:40
  • 9In A Small Moment03:10
  • 10One Man Woman03:41
  • 11For Old Times Sake03:42
  • Total Runtime36:05

Info for Boys In The Trees (Remastered)

Building on the strengths of its predecessor „Another Passenger“, „Boys In The Trees“ continues Carly Simon's artistic progress in the face of declining success on the pop singles charts. Unlike „Another Passenger“, Simon scored a hit off of „Boys In The Trees“ (the slinky 'You Belong To Me'), but the whole is constructed in such a way that even that song gains strength in the context of the rest of the album.

Arif Mardin's production gives the album a high gloss sheen without making it sound like a disco bandwagon-jumper, even on the dancefloor-ready 'Tranquillo (Melt My Heart).' The album is not without missteps--exhibit A is the bizarre fake-reggae 'De Bat (Fly in Me Face)'--but as a whole, this is one of Simon's finest albums, and those wanting to move beyond her greatest hits compilations could do worse than start right here.

„Her career revitalized by the success of 'Nobody Does It Better,' the theme from The Spy Who Loved Me, Carly Simon returned to record-making with this classy Arif Mardin-produced session, backed by New York's best studio players Steve Gadd, Eric Gale, Will Lee, Richard Tee, David Sanborn, the Brecker Brothers, etc.. Simon reached the Top Ten with 'You Belong to Me,' a collaboration with Michael McDonald that showed both off at their best, and the album's other Top 40 single was another duet with husband James Taylor on the old Everly Brothers hit 'Devoted to You.' Taylor also turned up writing and singing elsewhere to good effect. But what really made the album a winner was that Simon had had a couple of years to write some strong songs in her unflinching, reflective style, and she continued to explore the loves and mores of her age and class movingly.“ (William Ruhlmann, AMG)

Carly Simon, vocals, acoustic guitar
James Taylor, vocals, guitar
Hamish Stuart, vocals, guitar
Luther Vandross, vocals
Stu Scharf, acoustic & electric guitars, Autoharp
Jeff Minorov, acoustic & electric guitars
John Hall, guitar
Hugh McCracken, guitar
Cornell DuPree, guitar
Eric Gale, guitar
Onnie McIntyre, guitar
Margaret Ross, harp
Gloria Agostini, harp
Joe Farrell, flute
Harvey Estrin, soprano & tenor recorders, alto saxophone
George Marge, soprano & tenor recorders, alto saxophone
Phil Bodner, oboe
Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone
Jaroslav Jakubovic, baritone saxophones
Ronnie Cuber, baritone saxophones
David Sanborn, saxophone
Randy Brecker, trumpet
James Buffington, French horn
Brooks Tillotson, French horn
Eddie Bert, trombone
Barry Rogers, trombone
Richard Tee, acoustic and electric piano
Don Grolnick, piano, arp string ensemble
Ken Bischel, piano
David Carey, marimba
Gordon Edwards, bass
Will Lee, bass
Tony Levin, bass
Steve Gadd, drums
Crusher Bennett, percussion
Rubens Bassini, percussion
Roderick George, background vocals
Ken Williams, background vocals
John Hall, background vocals
Alyia Orme, background vocals
Lucy Simon, background vocals
Joanna Simon, background vocals
Steven Dickson, background vocals
Marc Embree, background vocals
Alex Ligertwood, background vocals

Recorded at Atlantic Studios, New Yor, New York
Additional Recording at A&R Studios, New York, New York
Engineered by Bobby Warner
Recorded and mixed by Lew Hahn
Produced by Arif Mardin

Digitally remastered

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