Complete Them (1964-1967) (Remastered) Them feat. Van Morrison

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  • 1Don't Start Cryin' Now02:07
  • 2One Two Brown Eyes02:43
  • 3Baby, Please Don't Go02:42
  • 4Gloria (Mono Version)02:40
  • 5Philosophy02:37
  • 6Here Comes the Night02:46
  • 7All for Myself02:50
  • 8One More Time (UK Single Mono Mix)02:48
  • 9How Long Baby03:40
  • 10Mystic Eyes (Mono Version)02:44
  • 11If You and I Could Be as Two (Mono Version)02:58
  • 12Little Girl (Short Version Mono)02:28
  • 13Just a Little Bit02:22
  • 14I Gave My Love a Diamond (Version 1 Mono)02:51
  • 15You Just Can't Win02:26
  • 16Go on Home Baby (Mono Version)02:41
  • 17Don't Look Back (Mono Version)03:24
  • 18I Like It Like That (Mono Version)03:19
  • 19I'm Gonna Dress in Black (Version 2 Mono)03:38
  • 20Bright Lights, Big City02:34
  • 21My Little Baby (Mono Version)02:12
  • 22(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Mono Version)02:27
  • 23(It Won't Hurt) Half as Much (Mono Version)03:10
  • 24Could You Would You03:13
  • 25Something You Got (Mono Version)02:31
  • 26Call My Name02:23
  • 27Turn on Your Love Light02:20
  • 28I Put a Spell on You02:37
  • 29I Can Only Give You Everything02:43
  • 30My Lonely Sad Eyes02:29
  • 31I Got a Woman03:14
  • 32Out of Sight02:24
  • 33It's All Over Now, Baby Blue03:47
  • 34Bad or Good02:10
  • 35Hello Josephine02:05
  • 36Don't You Know02:25
  • 37Hey Girl03:02
  • 38Bring 'Em on In03:45
  • 39Richard Cory (Version 1 Single UK Mono)02:46
  • 40Friday's Child (True Stereo)03:45
  • 41The Story of Them, Pt. 103:53
  • 42The Story of Them, Pt. 203:43
  • 43Baby What You Want Me to Do03:26
  • 44Stormy Monday Blues (Mono Version)02:42
  • 45Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough (Mono Version)02:16
  • 46Don't Start Crying Now (Demo) (48 kHz)01:38
  • 47Gloria (Demo)03:02
  • 48One Two Brown Eyes (Demo)02:40
  • 49Stormy Monday Blues (Demo) (48 kHz)05:10
  • 50Turn On Your Love Light (Alternate Version)04:47
  • 51Baby, Please Don't Go (Take 4)02:41
  • 52Here Comes the Night (Take 2)02:59
  • 53Gloria (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club" March 1965) (48 kHz)02:53
  • 54All for Myself (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club" March 1965) (48 kHz)03:07
  • 55Here Comes the Night (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club" March 1965) (48 kHz)02:46
  • 56Little Girl (Version One)02:50
  • 57Go on Home Baby (Take 4)02:37
  • 58I Gave My Love a Diamond (Take 8)03:07
  • 59(It Won't Hurt) Half as Much (Take 2)03:12
  • 60My Little Baby (Take 1)02:16
  • 61How Long Baby (Take 1)03:37
  • 62One More Time (Take 14)02:52
  • 63Gloria (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club" June 1965) (48 kHz)02:40
  • 64Here Comes the Night (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club" June 1965) (48 kHz)02:53
  • 65One More Time (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club" June 1965) (48 kHz)02:54
  • 66Call My Name (Single Version)02:21
  • 67Bring 'Em on In (Single Version)03:18
  • 68Mighty Like a Rose04:00
  • 69Richard Cory (Alternate Version)03:49
  • Total Runtime03:21:55

Info for Complete Them (1964-1967) (Remastered)

Enjoy all of Them with this three-album anthology, The Complete Them 1964-67, billed as the most thorough collection of Van Morrison’s early studio and live performances ever assembled.

This retrospective on his early work caps a momentous year for Van Morrison, who turned 70 in August. Previously, in June he was awarded an honorary knighthood for ‘services to the music industry and to tourism in Northern Ireland’ and the Johnny Mercer Award at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala in New York City.

"Them were one of the very best R&B acts to come out of the U.K. during the British Invasion era, as tight, wiry, and potent as their contemporaries the Rolling Stones, the Animals, and the Pretty Things. But as good as they were, their greatest strength was always their lead singer and main songwriter, Van Morrison, who even in his earliest days boasted a style that was raw and unapologetic but full of street smarts and imagination. Morrison's run with Them lasted a bit more than two and a half years, but it laid the groundwork for his wildly idiosyncratic solo career as well as setting a standard that the band would never equal after he left to strike out on his own. There have been plenty of collections devoted to Morrison's tenure with Them, but The Complete Them: 1964-1967 is not only comprehensive but has Van's seal of approval, as it was assembled by Morrison's own team and features liner notes from the man himself. Sequenced chronologically, The Complete Them devotes its first two discs to the group's two albums of the period, Them (aka The Angry Young Them) and Them Again, as well as non-LP single and EP tracks. Disc two is devoted to demos, alternate takes, and some live tracks cut for BBC Radio, nearly all of them previously unreleased. According to Morrison's notes, Them's lineup was never consistent, especially in the studio, as the group's producers often brought in studio musicians (including Jimmy Page) to beef up the performances, but the product was both consistent and strong, with razor-sharp guitars and swirling organs dominating the arrangements and Morrison's vocals sounding nearly possessed. Having essentially all of Them's studio recordings in one place is great, but the bonus material offers a glimpse of their power as a live act, and the outtakes and alternate versions reveal the growing sophistication of Morrison's approach over the course of 24 tracks. Morrison's essay offers as much opinion as it does fact, but given his well-documented reticence, the fact he wrote the notes at all is impressive, and when he sums up his notes with "I think of Them as good records...there's a lot of good stuff here," he's absolutely right. As a history of an underappreciated band's greatest era or the first steps of one of rock's most individual artists, The Complete Them: 1964-1967 is essential listening." (Mark Deming, AMG)

Van Morrison, vocals, harmonica, tenor saxophone
Peter Bardens, keyboards, organ
Billy Harrison, guitar
Alan Henderson, bass
John McAuley, drums, piano, harmonica

Digitally remastered

debut concept album, "Sweet Hollow," chronicles the bizarre journey of a man caught between unfortunate circumstance and unspeakable evil. "Sweet Hollow" was released by Empire Records (Belgium) on CD and limited edition vinyl in September 2016 and via all major online music outlets including iTunes, cdbaby, Amazon, and spotify. Soulfood Distro distributed "Sweet Hollow" to all brick and mortar record stores through various parts of Europe.

In support of "Sweet Hollow", THEM has performed throughout the USA and Canada in 2016 as direct support for Helloween and then as headliners in 2017 throughout numerous European countries including Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Belgium and Austria.

THEM will be releasing their follow up entitled "Manor of the Se7en Gables" sometime on October 26th, 2018.

This album contains no booklet.

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