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  • 1The Right Thing To Do02:58
  • 2The Carter Family03:30
  • 3You're So Vain04:18
  • 4His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin03:01
  • 5We Have No Secrets03:57
  • 6Embrace Me, You Child04:08
  • 7Waited So Long04:29
  • 8It Was So Easy03:08
  • 9Night Owl03:50
  • 10When You Close Your Eyes03:07
  • Total Runtime36:26

Info for No Secrets

1971’s Carly Simon announced a major new talent, offerings songs like the epic and hauntingly personal “That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be,” the folk-rock of “Alone” and country of “One More Time.” She followed her debut with the unforgettable Anticipation. Aided by super-producer Richard Perry, Simon refined her sound for the breakthrough No Secrets. Simon was often compared to Carole King, despite their very different backgrounds. Carole was a modest Brooklyn girl who practically grew up in the Brill Building scene, whereas the folk-singing Carly was daughter of the mighty Simon and Schuster publishing empire. Carole was an earth mother while Carly exuded sex appeal. Let’s not be disingenuous; among other things in common, Carly married one of Carole’s most sympathetic collaborators, James Taylor, and they frequently employed the same crop of LA musicians. But No Secrets definitively proved that Carly Simon was her own liberated woman.

Like her first two albums, 1972’s No Secrets was deeply autobiographical. It remains a testament to her sophisticated and timeless songwriting. Album opener “The Right Thing to Do” is a piano-driven pop song that marries one of Simon’s brightest, most infectious melodies to a perfect (and perfectly simple) horn and string arrangement subtly enhancing the tension under the surface. When she intones “Hold me in your hands like a bunch of flowers,” what man could resist? It’s joyful, inviting and sensual. The fierce “You’re So Vain” launched one of rock’s most enduring mysteries and will forever be Ms. Simon’s calling card. “We Have No Secrets” not only gave the album its title, but it has a typically clever lyric of self-discovery. James Taylor provided the bluesy “Night Owl.” “The Carter Family” and “His Friends Are More Than Fond of Robin” are poetic yet accessible art songs.

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No Secrets is one of the benchmarks by which all other singer/songwriter albums are measured (though Simon had some support, primarily from frequent co-writer Jacob Brackman). Guest appearances by Lowell George, Paul and Linda McCartney, Mick Jagger, Doris Troy and, of course, JT added to the sense of a seventies musical happening. The LP was rewarded with five weeks at No. 1 and “You’re So Vain” also topped the singles chart.

Carly Simon, acoustic guitar on 5 6 7 8, piano on 1 2 3 4 10, vocals, backing vocals on 1 7, string arrangements on 3, ARP synthesizer arrangements on 4
Andy Newmark, drums on 1 2 6 8 10
Jimmy Ryan, acoustic guitar on 2 3 4 5 10, bass on 1 10, electric guitar on 3 6 7 8 9 Klaus Voormann, bass on 2 3 5 6 7 8 9

Additional artists:
Paul Buckmaster, string arrangements
Kirby Johnson, string arrangements
Ray Cooper, congas on 1 9
Jim Gordon, drums on 3 5
Nicky Hopkins, piano on 7 9
Jim Keltner, drums on 7 9
Paul Keough, acoustic guitar on 5 8
Vicki Brown, backing vocals on 1
Liza Strike, backing vocals on 1
Richard Perry, percussion on 3
David Henshaw, ARP synthesizer on 4
Peter Robinson, piano on 6
Lowell George, slide guitar on 7
Bill Payne, organ on 7
James Taylor, backing vocals on 7
Bonnie Bramlett, backing vocals on 9
Bobby Keys, tenor saxophone on 9
Linda McCartney, backing vocals on 9
Paul McCartney, backing vocals on 9
Doris Troy, backing vocals on 9
Mick Jagger, backing vocals (uncredited) on 3

Digitally remastered.

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