Ocean's 8 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Daniel Pemberton

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Label: Watertower Music

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Daniel Pemberton

Composer: Daniel Pemberton

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  • 15 Years, 8 Months and 12 Days00:37
  • 2NYC Larceny03:46
  • 3We Are Going To Rob It02:37
  • 4Taking Out The Trash01:47
  • 5Nine-Ball03:40
  • 6Deborah Ocean02:53
  • 7Okell Bongos '6302:14
  • 8Seven Van Plan02:55
  • 9Hacking The Met02:33
  • 10Fugue in D Minor02:42
  • 11Brooklyn Necklace02:52
  • 12The Gala Plan01:58
  • 13Diamonds And Magnets01:49
  • 14The Investigator03:05
  • 15The Spy03:51
  • 16In Vogue02:10
  • 17CCTV Blindspot01:30
  • 18Sealing The Exits02:39
  • 19Four Old Ladies02:38
  • 20Sloppy Soup Samba02:52
  • 21Game On!04:28
  • 22Fugue in D Minor (Reprise)01:28
  • 23The Actual Heist04:43
  • 24Moog Necklace04:52
  • Total Runtime01:06:39

Info for Ocean's 8 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The much anticipated follow up to the OceansEleven trilogy,Oceans 8, is currently sitting at No. 1 at the US box office, and today marks the UK release of the high-action comedy thriller. The composition and score have always been paramount to the Oceans trilogy, featuring music that complemented the narrative beautifully, driving the tense heist sequences and keeping an edge-of-the seat up-tempo atmosphere from start to finish. Take a listen to Fugue in D Minor from the soundtrack which executes this exceptionally. While the score for the original trilogy was composed by David Holmes, Oceans 8 features a new composer at the helm, coming in the form of Daniel Pemberton. British composer Daniel Pemberton, synonymous for his work composing the scores of Mollys Game, All the Money in the World, Steve Jobs, seamlessly weaves a multitude of musical genres into the Oceans 8 score, with the immense twenty-four soundtrack transitioning between big band, electronica, jazz and swing to name a few.

The soundtrack works flawlessly in drivingthe films intensity and humour, capturing the essence of the originals, whilst also crafting its own sound. Daniel Pemberton with Abbey Roads Sam Okell outside Electric Lady Studios in New York. Photo supplied by Sam Okell. The majority of the recording took place at Power StationStudios in New York, alongsideAbbey Roads Sam Okell,with the editing duties taken on by Paul Pritchard and Matt Mysko of Abbey Road Studios. Also mastered by our own Alex Wharton, Daniel Pemberton spoke to us about the importance of including Abbey Road in the project: When I found out Id be recording and mixing Oceans 8 in New York City, like any good heist mastermind I needed to make sure I had the best crew I could get. Thats why I made sure I got Abbey Roads Sam Okell out on a plane and kept Paul and Matt in London burning through the time zones in the UK so we could get the insane amount we needed to do done before the Warner Bros police turned up and carted me away.

They made what I did sound way better than I hoped and, as a result, the movie is a massive smash. Yay! But as much as I loved New York like some kind of musical Ronnie Biggs, I couldnt leave the UK forever if only because I missed Dave and Doreen in the Abbey Road bar Manhattan doesnt have everything you know... - Daniel Pemberton Daniel Pemberton recording the soundtrack atPower Station Studios in New York. Abbey Roads Sam Okell played a vital part in the recording process. For a heist movie set in NYC, where better to record the soundtrack than in the city itself.We had some phenomenal musicians recording in the iconic Power Station Studio A during sessions in January and March.With a trip home to London for some mixing sessions at Abbey Road, we finished our mixing at the equally legendary Electric Lady Studios.

"The entire score has that refreshing yet retro style that spells heist jazz from beginning to end. If you are a fan of the genre, you will love this album. As much as he usually enjoys experimenting, even Daniel Pemberton decided that a franchise like this easily recognizable and has a precise identity so he played it safe. Me, I rarely enjoy heist scores because I find the sound too superficial and lacking emotional impact. It is fun to hear but I forget anything except the general mood soon as it’s over. So if you are into repetitive electric guitar, soft percussion, bongos and a vibe that will constantly make you sway your head, you are in for a fun listening experience."

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