Biography ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
Founded in 1997, the orchestra‘s academy aims to offer talented young musicians the chance to work with the Vienna RSO; by taking part in daily rehearsals as well as in concerts, they are encouraged to expand their contemporary repertoire. This ensures that young orchestral musicians learn not only traditional playing techniques, but are also confronted with unusual, experimental techniques. In addition, they can benefit from the regular encounters with world-famous composers and conductors that result from the orchestra‘s specialisation in contemporary music.

Furthermore, contact with Festivals such as „Wien Modern", „musikprotokoll" and many others, opens up a world of professional prospects for young orchestral performers.

A total of 10 string positions are provided. Selected musicians will receive six-month contracts after auditions; in some cases, the total contract-period can be extended to three years. By these means the orchestra contributes substantially to ensuring there is a plentiful reservoire of upcoming young orchestral musicians.

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