Biography waelder

are moving between ambient, industrial and pop. Their rhythms and soundscapes of voices, obscure samples and distorted field-recordings build spaces of barren material and soft ground, which teem and crawl - strange and harmonious. To present their music live, Wælder are mixing analogue and digital effects with guitar, synthesizers, vocals and loops. Rhythms and atmospheres blur, dissolve and re-assemble. Their live shows are often framed by visuals, generated in collaboration with various visual artists. Founded 2013 in Vienna by Moritz Nahold and Jan Preißler, Wælder has since played numerous concerts, collaborated with various artists and composed music for theatre, film and installations. In addition to their EPs 'Firn' and '&' they released 'Anachronie' in 2015 on the label Kreismusik. Wælder’s second album 'Non Places' will be released on 26.01.2018 via Denovali Records.

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