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Stefan Aeby
The pianist Stefan Aeby, born 1979 in Freiburg has enjoyed excellent coaching from well established musicians such as Jean Christophe Cholet, Art Lande, Don Friedman and Marc Copland. Both a degree on his instrument from the conservatory and a Masters in music science from the University he acclaimed in Freiburg. From 2004 until 2010 he has held a teaching position at the renowned jazz school in Montreux and since autumn 2010 has also been teaching at the conservatory in Freiburg.

In his wide spanning career he has scored silent films from the 1920`and played with musical personalities such as Frank Tortiller, Gabriele Mirabassi, Rory Stuart, Bop Mintzer, Chris Potter, Claudio Puntin, Clarence Penn, David Pouradier Duteil, Yves Torchinsky, Bänz Oester, Samuel Rohrer, Lisette Spinnler, Claudo Pontiggia, Carcel Papaux, Samuel Blaser, Popol Lavanchy, Custav, Julien Charlet, Rick Margitza, Patrice Moret, Stéphane Belmondo, Oscar d`Leon, Tom Harrell to name just a few.

Current active projects are Tobias Preisig Quartet, Sarah Büchi`s THALi, Daniel Schenker Quartet, Lisette Spinnler Quartet and the Bucher-Sommer-Friedli and Aeby Quartett.

In his widespread touring activity he has been playing throughout parts of Europe, Africa, China, Japan and different Latin American countries.

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