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Tim Garland
was born in 1966, studied composition at the Guildhall School under Robert Saxton and changed first study to saxophone half way through his course.

He has won a series of BBC awards for band leading and composition between 1989 and 2006.

In 2008 he won a Grammy for his orchestrations of Chick Corea's music on "The New Crystal Silence" and continues to be Chick's saxophone player touring the jazz scene internationally.

He was Research Fellow at Newcastle University between 2004 and 2008 and has been a visiting proffessor at the Royal Academy Of Music for over a decade.

Garlands ensembles have often consisted of innovative line-ups, he has been the inspiration between "Acoustic Triangle", "Storms'Nocturnes" "The Underground Orchestra" and his continuing project "Lighthouse" which was formed in 2004.

He is married with two children and shares his time between London and the North East of England.

Tim is one of the most versatile musicians in the UK. He won a Grammy for his orchestrations of the Chick Corea CD "The New Crystal Silence", which he helped produce at the Sydney Opera House, and is accepting commissions as composer and arranger from several of the worlds leading orchestras.

He has won several BBC awards for his small ensemble projects and delights in fusing together differing musical disciplines. Particularly familiar with the worlds of contemporary orchestral and jazz music, Tim is also adept in creating music in the studio using electronic and pre-recorded material.

His skills extend to writing lyrics, many of which are evident on this site, and he has formed lasting relationships with several internationally renowned musicians, often working onstage alongside them.

Tim is a founder shareholder with Audio Network and has written for the RPO, the LSO, the BBC Concert Orchestra, the Northern Sinfonia, Westminster Abbey Choir and many other ensembles that are drawn to his eclectic vision. He likes to refer to his wide-ranging output as a ‘Diverse Unity’.

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