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Gismo Graf Trio
It has been two years since gypsy-born Gismo Graf from Stuttgart charmed his way into the hearts of Gypsy Swing fans and music-lovers all over Europe with his album 'Absolutely Gypsy'. Gismo was and is still being celebrated by an ever-growing crowd of fans whenever he performs in one of his countless concerts and on renowned festivals all over Europe.

During these past two years, however, there have been changes, too: we are not talking about Gismo, the wonder boy with virtuosic guitar-skills, anymore but about Gismo, a young man with both great talent and timing. He turned from being a rising star to taking his place amongst the top guitarists of the world.

Gismo owes these new heights in his career both to his deep-rooted musical genius and to his eagerness and hard work. He impresses not only with his amazing skill but also with some of his very own fantastic compositions as well as his unique way of inducing new life into wellknown oldies. Gismo likes to challenge his genre and thus combines traditional Sinti jazz songs with rock, pop, blues or even classical music.

Of course, there is also the person of Gismo Graf: the young man whose idol continues to be the Belgian guitarist Django Reinhardt and who has dedicated his whole life to music. There is the nice boy from next door who fascinates his audience with his sweet charm and the unbelievable joy he gives when playing the guitar. Whoever hears him play in concert will go home a happier person.

Gismo's father and mentor Joschi Graf - who has been involved in producing Gismo's previous CDs - continues to work at Gismo's side. Like Gismo, Joschi was born with a guitar in his hands to make this world just a little bit more beautiful. Apart from his impeccable timing at the rhythm guitar Joschi adds to some of the songs with his soft beautiful voice.

To complete the sound there is Joel Locher, a celebrated musician, too, with his double-bass. Together, Joschi and Joel are the perfect body of the GISMO GRAF TRIO.

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