Nidarosdomens jentekor and TrondheimSolistene

Biography Nidarosdomens jentekor and TrondheimSolistene

Nidaros Cathedral’s Girls’ Choir
was established in 1992, and is an important part of the musical life of Trondheim. In addition to performing a lot of concerts, the Choir also participates at Services and other arrangements in the Nidaros Cathedral. The Choir is characterized by a high artistic level, as well as great musical variety, and has made first performances of works by several Norwegian composers. The Choir has 85 members divided in the Girl Group, 10 - 15 years old, and The Youth Group, 15 - 21 years old. In addition comes the Aspirant Choir, which is organized through The Music and Culture School in Trondheim, and led by Randi Lundemo.

Anita Brevik
is the artistic leader and conductor of Nidaros Cathedral’s Girls’ Choir. She has been with the Choir since the establishment in 1992 and has always been an important source of inspiration for the girls. Many years of systematic work with the girl's voices have created an even and harmonic choir-sound. Anita wishes to develop the girl's musical understanding and to give them good vocal and musical ideals through different sorts of music and cooperation with various musicians and artists.

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