Biography Bukahara

It is this mysterious mix that makes Bukahara unique. Psychedelic swing, Arabic reggae, Balkan jazz, or even folk hip hop, are funny sounding genres that are not necessarily contradictions. This is proven with a lot of acoustic sophistication and great love by four thoroughbred musicians: Bukahara. These multi-instrumentalists easily manage a balancing act between lightness and enthusiastic devotion. For observers of postmodern developments not only in music it is unavoidable and obvious that music is more and more nourished by digital signals. Bukahara opposes this trend and stays authentic and analogue – in favor of the audience.

Another factor which contributes to the uniqueness and the paradigmatic nature of Bukahara is due to its various cultural identities.Although their individual cultural origins partly could not be more different and contradictory, the Bukahara guys do proof indeed that it is still possible to create something hardly more peaceful - namely music.Thus they not only connect themselves but also an audience that appreciates a constructive image of culture and associated opportunities.

Thus they not only connect to itself, but also an audience that appreciates a constructive image of culture and the associated opportunities. Whether barefoot at one of their festivals or spontaneously at a house party or breathless in the spotlight - their lives are the stage.

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