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Yaron Herman
was born on 12th July 1981. He started out on a promising career as a basketball player on the Israeli national junior team but that was cut short by a serious knee injury which quashed his sporting ambitions. He only decided to take up playing the piano, at the age of 16. His teacher was the renowned Opher Brayer, famous for his methods based on philosophy, mathematics and psychology. Yaron was soon giving his first performances in the most prestigious concert halls in Israel.

At 16, Yaron left for Boston where he planned to enroll at the Berklee College School of Music. He found it didn't satisfy his craving for knowledge and discovery and decided to return to Tel Aviv. On the way back he stopped over in Paris, that evening he met some musicians during a jam session and was given a contract the very next day. He never left Paris from then on. It was a period of musical exchanges and getting to know people while he started to make a name for himself on the parisien musical scene.

His enthusiasm and talent, surprising in someone so young, meant that he quickly became the pianist that everyone was talking about with admiration and stupefaction. He was awarded the Sunside « New Talents » Trophy by unanimous vote. At 21, he recorded his first album « Takes 2 to know 1 »on the Sketch Label alongside Sylvain Ghio. He developed a theory of musical improvisation called « Real Time Composition » which earned him the chance to give a series of lectures at the Sorbonne and Ted Conferences later on.

In October 2005 he recorded his first piano solo album « Variations » on the brand new LaBorie Jazz Label on which he presents his «Variations » concept. Thus each tune, each theme in our collective memory can serve as an excuse for playful, creative innovation, improvisation and invention. Amazingly original and lyrical.

The album received particularly good reviews and Yaron started to give his first solo performances in Europe, in South America, in the United States and in China where he was the first Jazz pianist to play in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

In 2007 he was elected Adami Jazz Talent by the French artistic community. There is the same astonishment each time he plays, his charisma, his enthusiasm and his lyricism leave the audience deeply moved. After more than a hundred solo concerts around the world, Yaron recorded his first album as a trio « A Time for Everything » (launched in October 2007 on the LaBorie Jazz Label) along with Matt Brewer and Gerald Cleaver a subtle blend of jazz , pop and his own personal compositions. His very original version of « Toxic » by Britney Spears and his cover of Police's « Message in a Bottle » brought his music to a wider audience and rapidly won them over. The album received critical acclaim winning « Choc Jazzman » of the year and « Disque d'émoi Jazz Magazine ».

In 2008, the trio toured Europe, the United States and Brazil with impressive results. To mention but a few: the Monterey Festival, the Montreal Jazz Festival, the San Francisco Festival, the Weiner Konzert-Haus, the Auditori in Barcelona, the Juan Les Pins Festival, the Vittoria Gasteiz Festival. At the same time Yaron Herman was working in collaboration with Michel Portal, Bertrand Chamayou, Lars Danielsson, Yael Naim and others, such as Dominic Miller, Gilad hekselman, avishai cohen (trumpet) , Hugh masakela, Ambrose akinmusire, Valgeir Sigursson.

In September 2008, Yaron won the award for best new instrumentalist of the year at the « Victoires du Jazz ». His Belgrade concert, in October, was broadcast live in 39 countries on the musical TV channel Mezzo – an incredible media event in the jazz calender. The trio returned to the recording studio after having done more than a hundred concerts together. This time they have invited a string quartet the « Quatuor Ebène », sensational new artists from the world of classical music, to play on their album « Muse », in March 2009 on the LaBorie Jazz Label.

The Muse Record was nominated for 3 prizes of victoires du jazz and was chosen as album of the year On the Itunes choice awards.

Yaron has released 2 albums on the ACT label, the widely acclaimed follow the white rabbit in 2010 and the more recent Alter ego featuring emile parisien in 2012 .both demonstrated Yaron’s virtuosity and evolution for both developing his personal composition to new heights but also his way of mixing influences from his native israeli roots to pop music in a unique way.

In 2012 He gave Tedx conference about his system of improvisation - real time composition at the Epfl in Lausanne and played at the Tedx Cern and Ted Global .

Yaron Was the president of the jury at the montreux jazz festival in 2012 and a member of the Montreux jazz Academy mentors in 2014.

In october 2014 yaron gave a Tedx paris talk about his compositional process that opened a new direction in the pianists multi faceted activities, those of conferences and inspirational speaking, addressing the mysteries of the creative , and especially musical process which yaron manages to describe in his own particular way through a mix of mathematics, psychology and a multi dimensional / pluri disciplinary approach.

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