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Louise Jallu
Louise Jallu's musical career begins at the age of five with Kristina Kuusisto and then Per Arn Glorvigen at the Gennevilliers conservatory. She then joins Jean-Baptiste Henry’s class which would reveal her passion for the bandoneon. In 2009, she enters the musical degree course at the Lycée Racine of Paris. In 2011 she wins the 2nd Prize in the solo bandoneon category at Klingenthal International Competition in Germany and would have the honor of being invited to the Sorbonne at the award ceremony of the General Contest. In the same year, she performs Astor Piazzolla's concerto Aconcagua, adding her own cadences. She obtains her secondary school certificate majoring in science, the title “young talent from the town of Gennevilliers”, and her musical studies diploma from a unanimous jury composed of Tomás Gubitsh, Pascal Contet and Serge Amico. She completes her musical training with César Stroscio, perfects her chamber music with Juan Jose Mosalini and Juanjo Mosalini and studies composition with Bernard Cavanna. In 2012, she founds her own band, Tango Carbón, collaborates with the singer Katerina Fotinaki and forms the Duo Fukui-Jallu with the guitarist Hiroki Fukui. She plays in prestigious venues such as the Alhambra, l'Européen, the Paris Philharmonic, le Triton, la Filature, le Cafe de la Danse and la Maline, among others. In 2015, comes out En crise (“In Crisis”), her first album with Tango Carbón by Nomad Music. She appears on stage in Ukraine, Algeria, Morocco, the Netherlands, Italy and Armenia. In 2016, she records A contrafuego with the ensemble Fleurs Noires as a soloist by Milan Publications and shares the stage with César Stroscio. In 2017 , appears Ars moderna of the Duo Fukui-Jallu by Klarthe Records distributed by Harmonia Mundi. She plays a 142-button Alfred Arnold Rheinische Tonlage bandoneon of Bandonionfabrik of Klingenthal.

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