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Ivan Blomqvist
(b. 1986) is a Swedish pianist/keyboardist/songwriter/ composer/producer based in Oslo, Working with jazz, afro, r&b and pop. He has a bachelors degree in improvisation and jazz, from the highly acknowledged jazz department at the university of science and technology in Trondheim. He´s working as a keyboardist and songwriter in the Spellemann nominated (Norwegian grammy) future soul band Rohey, as well as other project such as Kimbra, Linda Sundblad, Maya Vik , Erlend Mokkelbost, Silja Sol, Mosambique.

“The general consensus among the audience members that I spoke to after the performance was that we would be hearing a lot more from the hugely impressive Blomqvist both as a pianist and a composer, his potential was blindingly obvious. ” Ian Mann (UK), “The Jazz Mann”

“Ivan Blomqvist is a nice new acquaintance with blues, lyricism and humor, dexterous and distinct.” (Sven Bjerstedt, Ystad Allehanda)

”Existential questions have rarely sounded so cool. With impeccable musical taste and headstrong lyrics, the up-and-coming Norwegian group Rohey has presented their debut album A Million Things. (Evan Crandell, 24our music)

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