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Nina Attal
Not only critically praised, but also rewarded with the entirety of the awards of the Tremplin nation de Blues sur scène, which was a never seen before feat. It wasn't long before she caught the attention of Nueva Onda Production, concert tour company, which were struck by the sheer determination displayed by the young woman, as well as the quality of her atypical voice, not to mention guitar guitar skills.

From that point on, Nina's career would take her to various places all across the globe: France, Quebec (more specifically at the main stage of Montréal's Jazz festival in 2012), Germany, Switzerland (notable due to it being the location where Nina's career and popularity truly took off) and many others. The stage is her element, the main appeal of her job in her eyes, and became a necessary aspect of her life and being.

With around 500 gigs performed, Nina has grown into a superb stage performer whose energy is quite contagious, as noticeable by the completely captivated public of her stage performances, which is completely taken, devoting the entirety of its attention to what's being presented to them during these almost mystical performances.

Nina's public is also something rather peculiar, in the sense that it is surprisingly heterogeneous: from the 7 year old child to the 77 year old senior, from the newbie to the connoisseur, the young woman's audience is an example of the universality which can be found within Nina's music. Amongst her fans can be found Norbert Krief and Marc Cerrone, the first of which has appeared as guest during concerts, while the latter accompanied Nina accompanied her to Montreux. Amongst other quotable names can be found Nile Rogers who was charmed by Nina's music to the point of being the origin of her recording session in New York, or Adam Turner (Beat Assailant) and Benjamin Siksou, both of which are part of Nina's latest album. She also had the privilege of sharing the stage with Electro Deluxe in one instance, and has worked with Greem, member from C2C, which remixed a track for Nina.

Namedropping and collabs aside, Nina's surroundings in the music industry are vast, diverse and supportive, and her next album is intended to hopefully widen those surroundings.

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