Twin Danger

Biography Twin Danger

Twin Danger
is the love child of heroin jazz and seductive darkness. Vanessa Bley and Stuart Matthewman. Two hearts beating as one; risk takers with an appetite for the unknown.

The daughter of famed jazz pianist Paul Bley, Vanessa is a singer, composer, guitarist and pianist. Her voice is as fragile as it is pure, however she best lives the meaning of Twin Danger. While not crooning along side Matthewman, she plays with her psychedelic pop-rock outfit Beast Patrol, who just released their second record.

Stuart plays guitar, for sure, but his tenor sax is what gets under your skin. As core member of Sade, this makes sense. Together, Bley and Matthewman make music that is sleek, sexy, and sultry. Jazz-swing meets heartbreak-pop; cinematic blues for the modern romantic. The musical union of Vanessa and Stuart is a natural one. “We talked about music,” Stuart recalls. “I said I’d written these chords with a dissonance that I liked, but that I didn’t know what to do with.” A few hours later, Vanessa sent Stuart a finished song. “It was as simple as that,” Stuart says, smiling.

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