Lisa Spada

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Lisa Spada
Self-taught, rhythm'n'blues and soul are her primary influences. In recent years she traces her musical career in several Parisian formations ranging from gospel to electro jazz and soul.

She forges her experience on the European and Parisian scenes and in studio, participating in projects for different albums (Emily Loizeau, André Manoukian, Ben l'Oncle Soul, Sandra Nkaké ...) or media projects ( Dancing Cuisine M6) and her own compositions. The first album of Third Shot is available since 2008 (Price Sacem autoproduction 2009). Lisa Spada is also the creator and artistic director of the show Let's Get Together, which has already met the best singers of the French Soul on stage at New Morning in 2009.

In 2011 she start to work on her first solo and in 2012 begins the record sessions of the album. Meanwhile she opening for international artists as Eric Robertson, Naturally 7, Dwele... Debut first album in 2014!

SACEM Award "Female Jazz Vocal Discovery 2006"

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