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The Crying Lion
are an unaccompanied 4 part harmony singing group from Glasgow featuring members of Trembling Bells and Muldoon’s Picnic. The group combine elements of such vocal traditions as American Sacred Harp, Gregorian chant, Medieval Madrigal and English Folk all refracted through Alex Neilson’s song writing to forge a sound that is intimate and glorious. With lyrical influences that range from eccentric English engraver Eric Gill, to experimental film maker Maya Deren, the writings of Saint John the Divine and the seething sexual menace of Dennis Potter, The Crying Lion are a unique blend of the visionary and the earthly. Singing polyphonic harmonies with an immediacy that by-passes any need for amplification or instrumental trickery, the group have captivated audiences on a recent UK tour supporting Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and appeared in session on Marc Riley’s 6 Music show.

“From choral to folk chants, blend of male and female tones, melodies the length of a human breath, rhythms of a heartbeat and tear jerkingly good harmonies. There is something really earthing about listening to The Crying Lion that is not remotely ‘hippy’ or ‘far-out’, it is grounding, simple, at peace with itself and connecting; a human voice being the most intimate of instruments. The Crying Lion are a pleasure to experience and listen to.”

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