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Paolo Bottini
born in Cremona where he studied organ, piano and harpsichord. He’s been member of Fidenza’s holy music commission since 2000. Since 1986 he is also responsible for Croce S. Spirito’s organ “Lingiardi” (1865) and he had been second supervisor of Cremona’s cathedral organ for more than twenty years. He appears on Paris’ “Carte Professionnelle d’Artiste Musicien de Cultes” where he lived and worked as liturgical organ player in 2012 and 2013. In Fidenza he invented and promoted the organ festival “Pasqua sugli Organi Diocesiani” (1997-2010).

In 2009 he released with “Bollettino Storico Cremonese” the first ever biography on organ player and maestro di capella Federico Caudana (1878-1963). In 1997 Bottini created and conducted for three years a radio show unique in his kind, dedicated to J.S. Bach sacred music.

He recorded for Bongiovanni (Petrali, Verdi), for MVCremona (Galanterie, Concertus Ecclesiae di F. Caudana) and for Fugatto (Cantico dei cantici, 1723 Camurana’s ‘Traeri’ organ).

Paolo Bottini gained international awards as organ performer (Borca di Cadore 1997, S. Elpidio a Mare 1998) and as liturgical composer (Chiesa Luterana di Napoli 2008, Versaille’s diocese 2012). From 1998 to 2011 Bottini has been secretary for “Associazione Italiana Organisti di Chiesa.

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