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  • 1Metal Machine Music, Part I16:03
  • 2Metal Machine Music, Part II15:50
  • 3Metal Machine Music, Part III16:07
  • 4Metal Machine Music, Part IV15:56
  • Total Runtime01:03:56

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1975's „Metal Machine Music“ is, without question, the one album in Lou Reed's oeuvre that inspires the most hyperbole in critic's pens, and one of the harshest records ever released by a major record company. Originally a double LP, it consists of four tracks, each hovering around the 16-minute mark, of guitar feedback looped over and over, and then layered innumerable times. There are no vocals, no beats, and no songs.

And yet, despite all this, the album is by no means random noise designed solely to irritate listeners, as many detractors have claimed. There's a definite overall structure to the electronic effects. As the direct forerunner to punk, industrial, ambient, electronic, and even new age music, „Metal Machine Music“ is an essential document and one of the most influential albums in non-mainstream music. In its own right, it is a fascinating sonic experiment--though it's almost guaranteed that your pets will hate every second of it.

Lou Reed, vocals, guitar, keyboards

Digitally remastered

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