Be Her Child Again Roni Alter

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Label: WM France

Genre: Folk

Artist: Roni Alter

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  • 1Devil's Calling02:42
  • 2Roads With No Name03:52
  • 3Stubborn03:02
  • 4The Plague03:39
  • 5Always Having Fun03:20
  • 6Save Me03:09
  • 7I Know03:00
  • 8Nail Me To The Ground03:31
  • 9Fragments of a Lullaby01:39
  • 10Be Her Child Again02:43
  • 11Once Again (Stone Van Brooken Remix ; Bonus Track)03:31
  • Total Runtime34:08

Info for Be Her Child Again

Speaking to the woman who brought her into the world, and with whom she can no longer communicate. Warding off the sadness of being far away, then feeling the joy of finding fulfilment through music. Roni’s pop is inspired by jazz, the voices of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, the false innocence of Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, the inventiveness of the Beatles, Rob Reiner's films, the fervour of Barbara. And the songwriting of Keren Ann, a mentor who took her under her wing. Her future album was produced by Clément Ducol (Camille, Vianney), who encouraged Roni to go down an electronic and organic route creating a tribal, folk, and sometimes jazzy feel. The overriding dreamlike effect is taken to the next level on ethereal melodies. The result is a shiny, pure pop sound that needs to be shared.

Roni Alter, vocals

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