Presenting Burton Greene (Remastered) Burton Greene

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Label: Columbia/Legacy

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Avantgarde Jazz

Artist: Burton Greene

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  • 1Ballad In B Minor06:40
  • 2Slurp!07:37
  • 3Nirvana Vibrations08:55
  • 4Lebanese Turn-A-Round03:45
  • 5Eastern Folk Song06:30
  • 6Voice of the Silences11:59
  • Total Runtime45:26

Info for Presenting Burton Greene (Remastered)

"Certainly one of the more adventurous titles in the Columbia catalog, Presenting Burton Greene is a complex and fiery affair. Greene is teamed with bassist Steve Tintweiss, percussionist Shelly Rusten, and Byard Lancaster on both trumpet and alto saxophone. Lancaster is particularly hot and, when he isn't plowing through scales at 90 miles per hour, he employs a wide, Ayler-esque vibrato. Of particular interest may be Greene's use of electronics to augment his usual instrument of choice. The result could perhaps be described as Morton Subotnick-meets-Cecil Taylor as rapid, oscillating tones match and complement Greene's upper register runs on the (acoustic) piano. Free improvisation reigns on this date although most numbers begin and end with a theme of some sort or another. Many of these themes are quite catchy and, in a sense, help counter some of the more intense and somber improvisations with a touch of warmth and humor. "Slurp!," for example, gets things off the ground with a dissonant yet bouncing and playful head before Lancaster lets loose on alto, prompting the captain to leave the seat belt sign on until the turbulence subsides." (Brandon Burke, AMG)

Burton Greene, piano, harp [Piano Harp], harpsichord, voice
Byard Lancaster, alto saxophone, trumpet
Steve Tintweiss, bass
Shelly Rusten, percussion

Produced by John Hammond

Digitally remastered

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