Sulla Lira The Voice of Orpheus Giovanni Cantarini

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Label: Ricercar

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

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  • Anonymous: Udite, selve, mie dolce parole
  • 1Udite, selve, mie dolce parole06:26
  • Alessandro Demofonte: Vidi, hor cogliendo rose
  • 2Vidi, hor cogliendo rose04:21
  • Anonymous: Dunque piangiamo, o sconsolata lira
  • 3Dunque piangiamo, o sconsolata lira05:15
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino: Cresce la pena mia
  • 4Cresce la pena mia03:21
  • Anonymous: Romanesca - Passamezzo de lira
  • 5Romanesca et Passamezzo de lira03:04
  • Serafino Razzi: O Giesu dolce
  • 6O Giesù dolce04:51
  • Innocentius Dammonis: O stella matutina
  • 7O stella matutina03:42
  • Innocentius Dammonis: Pianzeti, christiani
  • 8Pianzeti, christiani02:04
  • Giacomo Fogliano: Vengo a te, madre Maria
  • 9Vengo a te, madre Maria04:23
  • Alfonso dalla Viola: Tu ch'ai le corna riguardanti al cielo
  • 10Tu ch'hai le corna riguardanti al cielo03:08
  • Francesco Corteccia: O begli anni de l'oro
  • 11O begli anni de l'oro05:00
  • Sigismondo D'India: Com'e soave cosa
  • 12Com'é soave cosa02:05
  • Claudio Saracini: Udite, o ninfe
  • 13Udite, o ninfe01:05
  • Alessandro Striggio: Madonna il vostro petto
  • 14Madonna il vostro petto02:58
  • Sigismondo D'India: Occhi convien morire
  • 15Occhi convien morire02:38
  • Giulio Caccini: Funeste piaggie
  • 16Funeste piaggie06:03
  • Jacques Arcadelt: Laisses la verde couleur
  • 17Laissés la verde couleur04:38
  • Total Runtime01:05:02

Info for Sulla Lira The Voice of Orpheus

Le Miroir de Musique is an ensemble specialised in the music of the late middle ages and Renaissance, from the golden age of the troubadours to the humanist movements of the 16th century. The ensemble is based in Basel (CH) and brings together the most prolific of early music performers, many of whom are graduates of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. The image of a «Mirror of Music» is borrowed from Jacques de Liège’s treatise (Speculum Musicae), and reflects our goal of painting a vivid picture of medieval and Renaissance music, in a spirit of fidelity to the original sources.

This project was first conceived for the Festtage Alter Musik in Basel in 2013, at the suggestion of Peter Reidemeister. The programme was developed in close collaboration between the five musicians and the musicologist Martin Kirnbauer.

Giovanni Cantarini, tenor
María Cristina Kiehr, soprano
Le Miroir de Musique

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