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Label: Concord Records

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Folk-Rock

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  • 1Dodged A Bullet03:29
  • 2Lifetime Ago03:42
  • 3Out Of Line03:52
  • 4And So I Tried To Sleep03:34
  • 5Watch You Burn04:28
  • 6Not The Same Man03:59
  • 7Birthday Wish05:27
  • 8Take It Easy05:00
  • 9Play That One Again04:12
  • 10Not Surprised03:55
  • 11Dodged A Bullet03:14
  • 12Adore04:42
  • 13Watch You Burn06:02
  • 14Everything Is Alright04:16
  • 15Take It Easy04:52
  • 16Dodged A Bullet03:28
  • Total Runtime01:08:12

Info for Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet

Okay, so what? Here’s another album about heartbreak. Or heartache. But isn’t the worry that when each of us stares down heartbreak/ache (we all do) – we just want so desperately to know that as many as possible are just as miserable as we are? Misery doesn’t just need company – it needs a very specific sort of kinship. And it needs someone who can profoundly articulate it – not just rhyme a few words about some inconsiderate asshole.

It’s not important to reveal the specific catalyst for Greg Laswell’s latest record, Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet – but rather to focus anew on what makes him one of the most uncompromising songwriters of these modern times. You may recognize a bit of Leonard Cohen in his tormented baritone. You might think of Tom Waits when you sense how deep down in the gut these songs come from.

But if there is a quality that still and ever marks out Laswell’s writing, it is an ability to use words like unrepentant paper cuts. Should you be at the receiving end, perhaps you might not at first feel the sting; but it will burn like hell later.

Imagine the coldness of being the subject of such biting vitriol as, “I'm gonna be lazy when I write about you.” Imagine that you mean so much nothing to someone you once meant the world to.

Greg Laswell returns with „Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet“, his first album of all new material since 2012's Landline. Written, recorded and produced by Greg Laswell, the album features Lifetime Ago, Dodged A Bullet, Out of Line and more.

„While 'breakup' songs are littered far and wide across the pop landscape, only a precious few can genuinely bond author and listener through a viscerally shared sense of that particularly tortured experience.“ (BlackBook Magazine)

„While heartbreak isn't necessarily an unexplored topic for Greg Laswell, his moody seventh LP, Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet, feels particularly haunted. Handling every task except for mastering and some fine cello parts played by Colette Alexander, Laswell stretches out in his isolation, delivering a lush, icy breakup album. A synthetic glaze permeates most of the tracks, which generally comprise luxuriant synths, piano, and electronic beats. This aural treatment paints a nice wintry landscape across standout cuts 'And So I Tried to Sleep' and 'Not Surprised,' displaying Laswell's knack for sweeping cinematic pop and strong melodic sense.“ (Timothy Monger)

Greg Laswell
Originally from Long Beach, California, producer/singer/songwriter Greg Laswell moved to San Diego in the early '90s to attend college. He became involved in the city's music scene by fronting a local band, Shillglen, and founding All the Rest Records. Shillglen broke up in 2001, leaving Laswell free to write his own pop/rock material and devote more time to studio work. He made his solo debut with the release of 2003's Good Movie, which he financed himself and released on his own label. When All the Rest Records went out of business one year later, he started a new company — 20 Inch Records — and began working as a producer.

Good Movie became a local success, earning Laswell a contract with Vanguard Records in the process. He signed with the label and released a sophomore album, Through Toledo, in 2006. The album had been written and recorded during Laswell's divorce from his first wife, and its promising sound — wistful, somber, but tuneful nonetheless — earned him a spot on the Hotel Cafe's European tour. While touring in early 2008, he released an EP titled How the Day Sounds and readied himself for the arrival of his third album, Three Flights from Alto Nido, which appeared that summer. Around this time Laswell's songs began appearing in films (Friends with Benefits, My Sister's Keeper) and television series (Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy). A Covers EP arrived in 2009, followed by the full-length Take a Bow in May 2010. Laswell issued his fourth outing, Landline, in 2012. Recorded in an old church/home studio in eastern Maine, Landline featured guest vocals from Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Sia, and Elizabeth Ziman. For 2014's I Was Going to Be an Astronaut, he re-recorded ten songs from his catalog and included a cover of "It's a Wonderful Life" in memory of its composer, Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous.

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