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  • Florian Christl (b. 1990):
  • 1Christl: Ungewiss (Live)02:30
  • 2Christl: Focus (Live)03:56
  • 3Christl: Tag am See (Live)06:09
  • Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741):
  • 4Vivaldi: Vivaldi Variation (Arr. for Piano from Concerto for Strings in G Minor, RV 156) (Live)01:41
  • 5Christl: Das Streben nach Glück (Live)04:23
  • 6Christl: Glücksmoment (Live)04:42
  • 7Christl: Melodie (Live)02:22
  • 8Christl: C'est la vie (Live)03:17
  • 9Christl: Leidenschaft (Live)02:32
  • 10Christl: Der grüne Ballon (Live)04:54
  • 11Christl: Lights (Live)02:34
  • 12Christl: Close Your Eyes (Live)04:39
  • 13Christl: Encore (Live)02:00
  • Total Runtime45:39

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Music is an amplifier for emotions, no matter whether joy, grief, happiness or enthusiasm. Music has a kind of magical power, which can lift all these feelings to an “divine” level. For a moment it feels as if we were more than ‘just’ human. This special power of music hides in every single moment and every little episode of our lives. By definition an episode is an event within a larger event, and that is exactly what this album is about. These small, perhaps irrelevant episodes are what ultimately shape us the most. It‘s time to leave life behind, to sink in thoughts to feel alive.

Florian Christl

Florian Christl
never formally studied composition or the piano. He simply sits down at the piano and writes music that lifts your thoughts and emotions, giving them free flight, like a dream for the soul. Inspiring, full of love, hope, longing and beautiful melodies. Florian grew up in a small town in Bavaria. He loves the outdoors, the quiet of the forest, and the peace of the mountains. His greatest passion has always been making music and he spent every free moment at the piano. During his studies Florian worked as a student trainee with Sony Music. One of his colleagues was so impressed by his music that she used some of his tunes for a presentational video and in a playlist. This is how the classical department became aware of Florian.

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