The Pressures and the Pleasures (2018 Remaster) Makoto Matsushita

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Label: WM Japan

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Fusion

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  • 1The Pressures and the Pleasures: Pretender and the Truth (2018 Remaster)10:13
  • 2Business Man, Pt. 1 (2018 Remaster)03:45
  • 3The Bridge (2018 Remaster)03:22
  • 4Business Man, Pt. 2: Night Visions (2018 Remaster)03:06
  • 5The Garden of Walls (2018 Remaster)07:35
  • 6Carnaval: The Dawn (2018 Remaster)05:16
  • 7The Quiet Storm (2018 Remaster)02:06
  • 8Morning Blue: Bonus Track (2018 Remaster)06:16
  • 9Business Man (Early Promotion Version 2018 Remaster)04:28
  • Total Runtime46:07

Info for The Pressures and the Pleasures (2018 Remaster)

Anthemic, sweeping, funky, and lush. This bass-slapping, orchestra-swooshing Japanese “city pop” album rides the slippery-sweet line of definite corniness. I included both album covers because they are both pretty slick. In fact, “slick” is probably the best adjective for this work….really really slick.

Makoto Matsushita, vocals, chorus, guitar
Kazuo Nobuta, Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano, Prophet 5, chorus
Hidetoshi Yamada, Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano, chorus
Haruo Matsuda, keyboards OBX, sound effects, programming
Masato Matsuda, Fender Rhodes
Yasuo Tomikura, bass, fretless bass
Masahiro Miyazaki, drums
Makoto 'Kimuchi' Kimura, percussion
Susumu Kazuhara, flugelhorn
Eve, Eiji Kawamura & Toshio Oguri, chorus
Joe Kato Group, strings (Concert Mastered by Joe Kato)
Naochika Yamamoto, conductor
Yuji Oyamada, synthesizer programming

Recorded & Mixed at Nichion Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Engineered & Mixed by Eiji Uchinuma & Stuff of "Mixers' Lab" JVC Digital System N°1010 Mastered
Produced by Makoto Matsushita & Toshio Oguri

Digitally remastered

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