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Label: Zero One Music

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

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FLAC 96 $ 12.80
  • 1A Piece of Home04:27
  • 2Soul Survivor04:18
  • 3Smile03:53
  • 4Day One04:45
  • 5Distant Star05:00
  • 6Fragile04:18
  • 7Cave In04:04
  • 8Lift You Up03:49
  • 9On Fire04:31
  • 10The Great Divide05:57
  • Total Runtime45:02

Info for Confessions

This is not a concept album, but the 10 songs here are connected by Dan Reed’s spiritual positivity, as he tells us that even when we are left broken by the pursuit of love, we should never abandon the dream.

This might seem hopelessly naive, but on his fourth solo album, he makes it all work. Because the flair and depth of his musical passion overcomes any cynicism. The music has a gentle flow and glorious delight in life. The pace is sedate, almost folksy, but it leaves an indelible impression. Reed’s vocal method of telling a story through minimal modulation lifts songs like Smile, Distant Star and Cave In, making them feel both fresh yet also as if you’ve heard them a thousand times before.

The album features special guest appearances by guitarists Rob Daiker, Geoff Tyson and Martin Tidmarsh performing a few solos on the tracks Smile and The Great Divide, while Daiker added some additional drum programming on and mixed the album.

Reed mixes acoustic nuances with funk flexes, and in doing so has created a richly rewarding yet understated album. He oozes a supple class.

“The road we travel in finding love, embracing it, trusting others, and also the days we spend running away from love are not without struggle, great confusion, and heartache. With these ten new tracks I made the effort of identifying that which we should be grateful for, while admitting that love can, and often does, hurt. But even in the face of pain and loss we should also never give up on this often elusive, powerful, and profoundly rewarding thing we call ‘love’. – Reed

Confessions was recorded primarily in Prague at Reed’s ‘Zero One’ Recording studio, and some over dubbing and extra production work was tracked in his home town of Portland, Oregon at ‘The Commune’ studio with Artist and Producer Rob Daiker co-producing and mixing.

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Mastered by Henrik Alser at ‘Ultimate Sound’

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