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Label: SA Recordings

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Piano

Artist: Oliver Patrice Weder

Composer: Oliver Patrice Weder

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FLAC 44.1 $ 6.00
  • Oliver Patrice Weder:
  • 1You Know03:50
  • 2We Are03:18
  • 3Smile01:48
  • 4I Dreamed03:49
  • 5Flow02:06
  • 6Selbst02:32
  • 7Here and Now02:12
  • 8All of Me01:49
  • 9Playground02:33
  • Total Runtime23:57

Info for Epilogue

‘Epilogue' is the bonus material from Oliver Patrice Weder's debut album 'OPW'. Drawing inspiration from Yuval Noah's critically acclaimed books and several conversations with friends about anything under the sun, one evening, Oliver decided to put his thoughts into musical notes and recorded 9 improvised tracks on his affected and prepared piano in Amsterdam.

To give himself and the listener space for thought, he limited his playing to the upper half of the piano only, using mostly two chords per track, making it a concept album not only thematically but also sonically.

Oliver Patrice Weder, piano

Oliver Patrice Weder
unique musicality has been heavily inspired and shaped by living and travelling through different places and cultures including Brazil, Africa and the USA, as well as his experiences making a home in various European countries.

Oliver discovered his love of keyboards after hearing the sound of Ray Manzarek (The Doors), and spent his formative years playing classical and jazz piano in the rainy foothills of the Alps. After recording and touring across Europe with various bands including psychedelic rock band Time for T, he studied at Valencia’s Berklee College of Music where he established his passion for film music. As well as composing for the BBC, Oliver is lead composer at Spitfire Audio in London. In 2017, Oliver co-scored the feature film ‘The Haunted’ and made a vlog style series Inside the Score with Spitfire Audio, documenting the entire process — from meeting the director, to seeing the film shown at various international film festivals.

Oliver’s deeply personal debut LP, ‘OPW’, took shape across Europe, between Switzerland, UK, Spain and Holland, where he lived and spent time writing and recording this intimate and powerful musical journey. It fuses a rich and unique blend of acoustic instruments and rhythms with electronic elements — from piano, Wurlitzer, experimental strings from the London Contemporary Orchestra, flugelhorn and drum machines through to spoon solos, occasional gritty synths and percussion found in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro — adding flavour and colour throughout.

This album contains no booklet.

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