Camburi Eva Jagun

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  • 1Oh Maria / A Night in Palermo05:04
  • 2Camburi04:43
  • 3Suffering of the Gods04:19
  • 4Way Back Home04:47
  • 5Running on Clouds04:19
  • 6Silent Wind07:18
  • 7Manuel05:48
  • 8Minha Lua03:37
  • 9Keep on Waiting04:22
  • 10La Primera Vez03:22
  • 11Melancholy03:58
  • 12Sem Nem Adeus04:26
  • 13Julie06:11
  • 14Volta04:04
  • Total Runtime01:06:18

Info for Camburi

Jagun is one of the most promising new jazz vocalists from Berlin, with a great mixture of beautiful jazz songs and Brazilian bossa nova flair. Here, she joins together with some of Berlin’s best young jazz musicians on an album that features unique line-ups for each song, including horn and string sections.

Eva Jagun, vocals
Lito Tabora, Fender Rhodes piano
Ben Edgar, acoustic guitar
Manuel Zacek, bass
Diego Pinera, drums
Robby Geerken, congas, percussion

Eva Jagun
Jagun’s sounds and stories depict a religion of happiness that is closely tied to life. It is ourselves who are extoled in warm tones and gentle language. Yet, this happiness is never sugar-coated. It encounters us with an indulging melancholy. Jagun finds this happiness in in-between spaces: „Now I’m running on the clouds, earth below and skies above, naked feet, my bags are empty, life is light.“ Eva Jagun’s voice smoothly carries us to this in-between place of silent longing. The music is driven by a subtle vividness. Something affects us: a feeling of pure presence, of arriving in ourselves – or just alike: “a way back home”.

Eva Jagun celebrates human encounters in song. Maria, Manuel and Julie are the protagonists of her musical poetry and their life stories root each of Jagun’s tracks in everyday life. And yet, the music surpasses individual tales, contemplating life with tender earnestness. It leaves us with clear, bright and gentle impressions. Impulsive passages in both vocals and brass express this tenderness, illuminating the overwhelming emotions of worldly wisdom.

This album contains no booklet.

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