Sakamoto: For Mr Lawrence Piano Music Jeroen van Veen

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Label: Brilliant Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Jeroen van Veen

Composer: Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952)

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  • Ryuichi Sakamoto (b. 1952):
  • 1Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence04:38
  • 2Fountain02:39
  • 3Solitude Theme04:32
  • 4Dancing in the Sky01:13
  • 5Asience-fast Piano02:35
  • 6The Sheltering Sky Theme05:13
  • 7Solari04:08
  • 8Gohatto04:21
  • 9Yamazaki 200203:23
  • 10Ubi03:35
  • 11Andata04:45
  • 12Aubade01:44
  • 13Silk Endroll05:05
  • 14Koko04:50
  • 15Mizu no naka no bagatelle04:24
  • 16Reversing03:30
  • 17Stepfather02:31
  • 18Shining Boy & Little Randy05:55
  • 19Litany05:32
  • 20The Last Emperor, Version 104:53
  • 21The Last Emperor, Version 205:45
  • 22Seven Samurai - Ending Theme05:40
  • 23High Heels Main Theme04:05
  • 24M.A.Y. In the Backyard05:16
  • 25Zero Landmine05:47
  • 26The Revenant- Main Theme02:05
  • 27Tibetan Dance04:30
  • 28Behind the Mask03:24
  • 29Blu06:32
  • 30Rain04:15
  • 31The Land Song-Music for Artelligent City05:15
  • 32Dear Liz04:02
  • 33Thousand Knives06:03
  • 34191906:28
  • 35Batavia01:04
  • 36Germination02:30
  • 37A Hearty Breakfast01:27
  • 38Before the War02:02
  • 39The Seed and The Sower05:22
  • 40A Brief Encounter04:07
  • 41Ride Ride Ride02:04
  • 42The Fight01:38
  • 43Dismissed, Assembly02:47
  • 44Beyond Reason01:24
  • 45Sowing the Seed01:51
  • 46Last Regrets02:01
  • 47The Seed01:28
  • 48Tong Poo05:40
  • 49Happy End07:44
  • 50Kai Koh05:39
  • 51Gohatto (2)03:53
  • 52Dear Liz (2)04:10
  • 53Castalia05:21
  • 54Amore05:42
  • 55Lost Child04:45
  • 56Opus05:05
  • 57Sonatine04:02
  • 58Intermezzo04:43
  • 59Lorentz and Watson03:40
  • 60Choral No. 102:33
  • 61Choral No. 202:23
  • 62Bachata07:42
  • 63Chanson03:04
  • 64Distant Echo06:23
  • 65Aqua04:31
  • 66Energy Flow04:28
  • 67Put Your Hands Up04:58
  • 68Railroad Man04:10
  • 69Eight Themes of Eight03:02
  • 70I have to Buy a New Pair of Shoes02:22
  • 71On the Boat04:27
  • 72Tamago 200402:24
  • 73Before Long01:40
  • 74Loneliness01:54
  • 75Perspective05:31
  • 76Ex Jazz02:04
  • 77Parolibre04:55
  • 78Sweet Revenge03:55
  • 79Tatorso02:56
  • 80Tango05:05
  • 81Bibo no Aozora06:41
  • 82Floating Along05:48
  • 83A Flower is not a Flower06:14
  • 84Sayonara03:20
  • 85High Tide02:43
  • Total Runtime05:43:55

Info for Sakamoto: For Mr Lawrence Piano Music

A comprehensive collection of Sakamoto’s instrumental songs and film music from a master of Minimalist piano. Famed worldwide as a film composer, Ryiuchi Sakamoto began his career as a pianist, creating patterns, phrases and innovative arrangements before joining his first commercial electronic pop band in 1978, the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Around the same time, he worked on his first solo album, the Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto (1978), which blends up-to-date electronic techniques with an old-fashioned gift for good tunes. Riot in Lagos brought him fame beyond Japan, and he went on to work with many top producers of pop, dance and electro.

In 1983, Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence launched Sakamoto’s career as a film composer, which has gone from strength to strength with scores for The Last Emperor (1987) and The Revenant (2015). All these pieces feature in Jeroen van Veen’s survey, which is based on the best modern edition of these scores and often differs from Sakamoto’s own, partly improvised recordings.

Classical listeners will appreciate Sakamoto’s breadth of reference: to Chopin (Ubi), Bach (Andata, Solari), Glass (Bibo no Aozora), Satie (Opus), Brahms (Intermezzo) and Ravel (Bachata), for example. But his language of minimalist jazz is one enjoyed around the world as music that gives listeners the space to think and work and create for themselves.

‘Van Veen has a lovely, rounded, ringing, almost bell-like sound (highly appropriate for Pärt’s tintinnabuliations) and a wonderful sense of ebb and flow. Never does the music sound rushed in his hands, and more importantly never does it meander and lose its way... This may be the finest collection of his complete piano works available.’ (Fanfare, March/April 2015 on the complete piano music of Arvo Pärt, BC95053)

Jeroen van Veen, piano

Jeroen Van Veen
born 1969 started playing the piano at the age of 7. He studied at the Utrecht Conservatory with Alwin Bär and Håkon Austbö. In 1993 he passed the Performing Artists' Exam. Van Veen has played with orchestras conducted by Howard Williams, Peter Eötvös, Neal Stulberg and Robert Craft. He has played recitals in Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia & the USA. Van Veen attended master classes with Claude Helffer, Hans-Peter & Volker Stenzl and Roberto Szidon. He was invited to several festivals; Reder Piano Festival (1988), Festival der Kunsten in Bad Gleichenberg (1992), Wien Modern (1993), Holland Dance Festival (1998) Lek Art Festival (1996-2007). Van Veen recorded for major Dutch Radio- and Television companies like AVRO, NOS, IKON, NCRV, TROS/Internet, WTBC-TV & Radio (Florida, U.S.A.) and Moscow Television. In 1992, Van Veen recorded his first CD with his brother Maarten as the internationally recognized Piano duo Van Veen. In 1995 Piano duo Van Veen made their debut in the United States. They were prizewinners in the prestigious 4th International Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition in Miami, Florida. After this achievement they toured the United States and Canada many times. The documentary "Two Pianos One Passion" (nominated with an Emmy Award 1996) documents them as a duo.

In 1995 Jeroen Van Veen founded the duo Sandra & Jeroen van Veen, a piano duo with Sandra Mol. As such, they mainly perform (minimal) music for multiple pianos by Erik Satie, Douwe Eisenga, Simeon ten Holt and many more. Beside his career as a solo pianist Van Veen also participates in the following ensembles: ‘Piano Ensemble’, ‘The International Piano Quartet’, ‘Piano Mania’, ‘DJ Piano’ and ‘Jeroen van Veen & Friends’.

The various (>80) compositions by Van Veen may be described as ‘Minimal Music’ with different faces, Crossovers to Jazz, Blues, Soundscape, Avant-Garde, Techno, Trance and Pop Music. Currently Mr. Van Veen is director of Van Veen Productions, Chairman of the Simeon ten Holt Foundation, Culemborg Cultural Foundation, Pianomania Foundation and artistic director of several music festivals in Culemborg, Utrecht and Veldhoven. He is active in Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition based in Miami (USA). Over the last 20 years Van Veen recorded more than 100 CDs for several labels Mirasound, Koch, Naxos, Brilliant Classics, and his own label PIANO. The recording of Les Noces for Koch and Naxos was stated in the New York Times as " the best recording ever". Classics Today on Erik Satie pianoworks four hands, 10 artistic quality, 10 sound quality.

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