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Label: Anti/Epitaph

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Contemporary

Artist: Andy Shauf

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FLAC 48 $ 6.80
  • 1Judy (Wilds)02:45
  • 2Spanish On The Beach02:34
  • 3Jaywalker03:12
  • 4Call02:59
  • 5Television Blue02:52
  • 6Green Glass03:53
  • 7Wicked and Wild02:26
  • 8Believe Me03:05
  • 9Jeremy's Wedding (Wilds)02:49
  • Total Runtime26:35

Info for Wilds

Saskatchewan-born singer-songwriter Andy Shauf has announced he will be releasing a new album titled Wilds on Sept. 24. The recordings come from the same sessions that produced his 2020 release The Neon Skyline.Shauf recorded the arrangements on his own in his Toronto studio and is the sole musician on the record. The nine-track album follows a narrative focusing on a character named Judy, who has been a reoccurring persona in Shauf’s work. In conjunction with the announcement of the album release date, Shauf released a lyric video for a single off the album titled “Jaywalker.”

"Overall, it’s an album that is super sweet, then bitter, and then sweet again, when Andy and Judy dance stoned at someone else’s wedding to conclude the album, after their unfortunate break up. All of the songs were written during the writing of The Neon Skyline (he wrote upwards to fifty songs during that time) and it’s a surprise gift for us that comes out fully realized. A side story that I actually like better than The Neon Skyline, for it’s endearing and relatable story, the beautiful direction Andy does, much like a spin off movie. Andy is one of the best songwriters creating out there right now. Whether it’s the super conceptual stuff he normally does, or these thumbnail sketches he put together for the Wilds." (Greg Walker,

Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf
is a storyteller, a singer of heartbreak and regrets, isolation and loneliness, reflecting his prairie surroundings in Regina, Canada. Meticulously written over four years, Shauf’s The Bearer of Bad News is a warm and welcoming album, bathed in weathered piano, dampened drums, softly-strummed guitars and clarinet, which lends its unique timbre to frequently brighten – or hauntingly underscore – the songs’ darker undercurrents. Fans of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake and Harry Nilsson, take note.

This album contains no booklet.

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