Who Am I Now Matt Gresham

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Label: WM Germany

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: Matt Gresham

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  • 1Home03:33
  • 2Say You Don't03:59
  • 3Ghost03:08
  • 4Let Her Know03:34
  • 5Lover03:26
  • 6Open03:35
  • 7Second Street02:40
  • 8Small Voices02:59
  • 9Survive on Love03:40
  • 10Lost in Bologna03:57
  • 11Floating03:31
  • 12Rising Up03:19
  • 13Who Am I Now03:25
  • 14The Beat04:27
  • 15When We Were Kids03:48
  • 16Wither on the Vine03:38
  • 17High Wire03:14
  • Total Runtime59:53

Info for Who Am I Now

Who Am I Now? – am Anfang stand ein Gefühl von Unzufriedenheit. Und das, obwohl in Matt Gresham's Leben alles zum Besten stand: Wohnhaft in einem Surferparadies im Südwesten Australiens, feierte er mit seiner Musik erste Erfolge und wurde für seinen Track „Whiskey“ 2014 als „Song Of The Year“ bei den WAMAs (West Australian Music Award) nominiert – nebenbei konnte er seiner zweiten Leidenschaft nachgehen, dem Skateboarden. Eigentlich lief es perfekt für den 29jährigen. Doch darum ging es: Matt Gresham fühlte sich gefangen im Paradies – „Ich muss hier weg. Ich will wachsen! Neue Dinge sehen!“

Mit einem One-Way-Ticket und seiner Akustikgitarre erkundete er die USA, Asien und Europa. Lebte mal Tage, mal Wochen, mal Monate im selben Land. Ein warmherziger und offener Mensch wie Matt Gresham kann da eine Menge erleben. Dank seines ebensolchen Debüt-Albums können wir jetzt daran teilhaben. Im August erscheint mit Who Am I Now sein musikalischer Reisebericht, voller Selbstreflektion und einfühlsamen Songs.

„Ich habe Orchestermusik in Europa erlebt, Electro in Berlin, Hip-Hop-Musik in New York ...“ Diese Einflüsse finden sich auch auf Who Am I Now wieder, einem beeindruckend eklektischen Singer-Songwriter-Album, in dem Zitate von Hip-Hop, Soul und Electronica ebenso selbstverständlich auftauchen wie Samples aus Bahnhöfen, die Matt Gresham mit seinem Telefon aufnahm, oder Soundfetzen von Unterhaltungen mit Freunden.

Matt Gresham kann also packend singen, starke Songs schreiben und gut reisen – Gründe genug, ihn zur Tour nach Deutschland zu laden. Überraschung: Hier war er natürlich auch schon, lebte und drehte Musikvideos in Berlin oder eröffnete mit „Moin, Moin!“ eigene Konzerte auf dem Reeperbahn Festival 2016. Im September 2018 tritt er wieder dort und in der ganzen Republik auf.

Matt Gresham, vocals, guitar

Matt Gresham
Raised on backyard jam sessions and good surf, Matt Gresham is a down to earth Aussie muso who dreams big. With the likes of Jeff Buckley, Cat Stevens and John Mayer in the inspiration arsenal, Matt’s honest and arresting voice is his strongest weapon, captivating audiences from Perth to Paris and back again—because love of country, friends and family always seems to draw him home eventually.

Like so many of us, Matt uses music to help make sense of his life. “I get it all out through music” he admits. “It helps me process certain experiences and transform negative emotions into something positive. These days it’s easy to just run away from certain things. In my music, I face these things.”

The result is a thing of beauty—simple yet powerful pop music built around a raw, acoustic core. Full of dynamics, momentum and hope, it’s a soundtrack to the best moments in life that helps you get over the worst.

Though a talkative and sunny personality, Matt wields a quiet intensity on stage that can truly hold a room, his audiences enthralled by a feather-light falsetto that skips the ears and flies straight for the heart.

After years rocking local festivals and practically every watering hole on the west coast, a killer SXSW performance landed Matt a record deal with Warner Germany, prompting a move to Berlin which has seen Matt expand his technical repertoire, channel the challenges and inspirations of life in Europe into his songwriting and learn some good old fashioned German discipline along the way.

“I used to freestyle everything—in music and in life— but last year that all changed, I’m obsessed with rehearsing!” A higher level of professionalism, Matt explains how his new approach shed much of his anxiety and freed him up to lose himself in performance. “A good way to think about it is that it’s like wearing your favourite clothes. You’ve just bought them, and you know they look good, you just know it. That's what it feels like on stage when you've rehearsed.”

Though Matt flies the acoustic flag proudly, he’s not afraid to push genre boundaries, feeding influences from hip hop, RNB and underground electronica into his forthcoming debut album, collaborating with the eclectic likes of LA songwriter Jaymes Young and New York rapper Talib Kweli.

With the album release just around the corner, and support slots on international tours with James Arthur, Guy Sebastien and Shane Filan in the bag, Matt is breaking new ground across the water… but his roots run deep. When touring Australia, he still returns to many of the local venues that gave him his first start. “I’ve been playing these venues since I was 18… it's a really beautiful scene to be part of.”

Full of gratitude, Matt sends a lot of love out into the world—and now he’s getting a lot back, with European audiences waking up to the sandy-haired crooner from the south. A minimalist in life, he applies the same philosophy to his music. “I want to go as far as I can really, but the original goal is just to make music that makes people feel something.” Forget the fanfare, the possessions, the hype and the bullshit. Matt Gresham gives you truth.

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