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Label: Signum Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

Artist: Paul McCreesh & Gabrieli Consort & Players

Composer: Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

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  • Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1847): Elijah, Op. 70, MWV A 25: Behold! God the Lord Passed By! (Live): Part I:
  • 1Part I: Introduction: Recitative: As God the Lord of Israel liveth (Elijah)01:05
  • 2Part I: Overture03:35
  • 3Part I: Help, Lord! Wilt Thou quite destroy us? (Chorus)05:00
  • 4Part I: Duet with Chorus: Lord! Bow Thine ear to our prayer! (Soprano, Contralto, Chorus)02:14
  • 5Part I: Recitative: Ye people, rend you hearts (Obadiah)00:54
  • 6Part I: Aria: If with all your hearts ye truly seek Me (Obadiah)02:33
  • 7Part I: Yet doth the Lord see it not (Chorus)04:14
  • 8Part I: Recitative: Elijah! Get thee hence (An Angel)00:56
  • 9Part I: For He shall give His angels charge over thee (Chorus)02:36
  • 10Part I: Recitative: Now Cherith's brook is dried up (An Angel)01:17
  • 11Part I: Recitative, Aria and Duet: What have I to do with thee, O man of God? (The Widow, Elijah)06:08
  • 12Part I: Blessed are the men who fear Him (Chorus)03:51
  • 13Part I: Recitative: As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth (Elijah, Chorus)04:18
  • 14Part I: Baal, we cry to thee (Chorus)03:34
  • 15Part I: Recitative: Call him louder, for he is a god! (Elijah, Chorus)01:07
  • 16Part I: Recitative: Call him louder! he heareth not (Elijah, Chorus)02:23
  • 17Part I: Aria: Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel (Elijah)03:05
  • 18Part I: Chorale: Cast the burden upon the Lord (Angels)02:05
  • 19Part I: Recitative: O Thou, who makest Thine angels spirits (Elijah, Chorus)03:04
  • 20Part I: Aria: Is not His word like a fire (Elijah)02:04
  • 21Part I: Arioso: Woe unto them who forsake him! (Contralto)02:38
  • 22Part I: Recitative: O man of God, help Thy people! (Tenor, Elijah, Chorus)05:33
  • 23Part I: Thanks be to God! (Chorus)04:04
  • Part II:
  • 24Part II: Aria: Hear ye, Israel (Soprano)05:23
  • 25Part II: Be not afraid, saith God the Lord (Chorus)04:09
  • 26Part II: Recitative: The Lord hath exalted thee from among the people (Elijah, The Queen, Chorus)03:34
  • 27Part II: Woe to him, he shall perish (Chorus)01:40
  • 28Part II: Recitative: Man of God, now let my words be precious in thy sight (Obadiah, Elijah)02:19
  • 29Part II: Aria: It is enough (Elijah)05:09
  • 30Part II: Recitative: See, now he sleepeth beneath a juniper tree (Tenor)00:47
  • 31Part II: Trio: Lift thine eyes to the mountains02:09
  • 32Part II: He, watching over Israel (Chorus)03:21
  • 33Part II: Recitative: Arise, Elijah, for thou hast a long journey before thee (The Angel, Elijah)02:15
  • 34Part II: Aria: O rest in the Lord (The Angel)03:18
  • 35Part II: He that shall endure to the end, shall be saved (Chorus)02:25
  • 36Part II: Recitative: Night falleth round me, O Lord (Elijah)01:44
  • 37Part II: Behold! God the Lord passed by! (Chorus)03:41
  • 38Part II: Recitative and Chorus: Above him stood the Seraphim (Contralto)00:26
  • 39Part II: Holy, Holy, Holy is God (Chorus)03:27
  • 40Part II: Go, return upon thy way! - Recitative: I go on my way in the strength of the Lord (Chorus, Elijah)01:25
  • 41Part II: Arioso: For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed (Elijah)02:42
  • 42Part II: Then did Elijah the prophet break forth like a fire (Chorus)02:57
  • 43Part II: Aria: Then shall the righteous shine forth (Tenor)02:37
  • 44Part II: Recitative: Behold, God hath sent Elijah the prophet (Soprano)01:12
  • 45Part II: But the Lord from the north hath raised one (Chorus)03:41
  • 46Part II: Quartet: O come everyone that thirsteth03:36
  • 47Part II: And then shall your light break forth (Chorus)03:38
  • Total Runtime02:15:53

Info for Mendelssohn: Elijah

Paul McCreesh has again assembled a vast international ensemble of over 400 artists including leading British soloists – Rosemary Joshua, Sarah Connolly, Robert Murray and Simon Keenlyside to recreate the spectacular original performances of this great 19th century Oratorio.

At the time of its first performances in 1846, Elijah was hailed as one of the great oratorios alongside Handel’s Messiah. It tells the story of the prophet with imposing grandeur, inspirational orchestration and beautiful arias, recitatives and choruses. This mighty piece requires mighty orchestral and choir forces and Gabrieli singers are reinforced with talented young singers from the Gabrieli Young Singers’ Scheme and the Wroc?aw Philharmonic Choir. This recording sees over 440 musicians taking part, including 92 string players and over 300 singers. This new recording was made following an acclaimed performance at the 2011 BBC Proms, and follows in the footsteps of the Gabrieli's other large-scale projects with Signum - such as the BBC Music Magazine award-winning Berlioz Grande messe des mortes (SIGCD280) and their recent New Venetian Coronation (SIGCD287).

“There’s a definite histrionic side to the role and Keenlyside doesn’t short-change us but when listening to him I was reminded again and again what a fine lieder singer he is...[Ward is] clear and accurate and shows excellent breath control. Furthermore, his pitching is spot-on...The orchestral playing is superb...This is a marvellous recording of Elijah...Anyone who cares about this fine work should try to hear it.” (MusicWeb International)

"The musical milieu is still Victorian but, rather like the cleaned-up Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens, it gleams anew and radiates light. ... a definite first choice." (The Telegraph)

“…A thrilling performance… The sound is spectacular, just as it should be; right now there is no recording of Elijah to which I’d rather listen…” (BBC Radio 3)

"In all this is staggeringly good. Approaching the work in this way fills a gap which I didn’t even realise was there, but now I’ve heard it I think it will be first choice for a while to come. Thoroughly recommended." (Presto Classical)

Rosemary Joshua, soprano
Sarah Connolly, mezzo-soprano
Robert Murray, tenor
Simon Keenlyside, baritone
Jonty Ward, treble
Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir
Gabrieli Young Singers' Scheme
Gabrieli Consort & Players
Paul McCreesh, conductor

Diapason d’Or de L’Annee Award 2013

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