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  • 1Dangerous Words03:17
  • 2Don't Give Up on Me03:21
  • 3Criminal03:46
  • 4Irresistible04:34
  • 5Every Time I Think of You03:38
  • 6Dive In03:42
  • 7Spark03:17
  • 8Hit & Run04:22
  • 9Running03:58
  • 10Pins & Needles03:33
  • 11OMG03:11
  • Total Runtime40:39

Info for Elements

Canadian alt-pop duo Ash Koley release their sophomore album Elements including singles “Dangeroud Words” and “Criminal” that entered both HOT AC & AC Top 20 radio charts and the Hot 100 Singles chart. Ash Koley is singer/songwriter Ash Koley and producer/songwriter Phil Deschambault. Together, their sound is an amalgamation of diverse influences, from the Eurythmics to Radiohead. The result is the full embodiment of what they each bring to the duo - quirky charm and upbeat classic pop music.

Ash Koley
Don't be fooled by the eponymous nature of the name. Ash Koley is a band comprised of two people: Ash Koley and Phil Deschambault. Phil concedes his name isn't as catchy, and Ash is narcissistic enough to agree to have the band named after herself.

Their sound is an amalgamation of diverse influences, their songs sketch together diverse melodies and lyrics, drawing on cross-generational influences from Abba to the Eurythmics, and from Peter Gabriel to Radiohead. The result is a band that is a full embodiment of what they each bring to the duo – quirky charm, and upbeat classic pop music.

The two self proclaimed nerds from Winnipeg were introduced in 2004, and soon after began their musical collaboration. Phil, an established songwriter, was looking for a singer who could relate to his sound. A mutual acquaintance brought Ash to the studio, and after Phil heard her velvety voice, he had Ash record a song as a test. To Phil’s happy surprise, she nailed it in one take and they took to work immediately.

Through 2009 and early 2010 the band released four EPs: White, Black, Red and Blue. Their first hit single “Don’t Let Your Feet Touch Ground” became the launch pad into what was the busiest summer for the band yet, as they made their touring debut with Lilith Fair.

The debut album, Inventions features nine original tracks written by the bandmates and was released in Canada, October 5, 2010 with the bonus track “Sheep in Wolves Clothing,” featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy this season.

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