The Virtuoso Ophicleide Trio Aenea & Patrick Wibart

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Label: Ricercar

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

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  • Jules Demersseman (1833-1866): Grande fantaisie dramatique pour ophicléide et piano
  • 1Grande fantaisie dramatique pour ophicléide et piano07:34
  • Fantaisie sur -Le désir- de Beethoven pour ophicléide et piano
  • 2Fantaisie sur -Le désir- de Beethoven pour ophicléide et piano04:49
  • Victor Caussinus (1806-1899): Troisième duo pour deux ophicléides
  • 3Troisième duo pour deux ophicléides04:17
  • Mikhaïl Glinka (1804-1857): Trio pathétique in D Minor
  • 4I. Allegro moderato (Transcription for Cornet, Ophicleide and Piano)04:43
  • 5II. Scherzo (Vivacissimo) [Transcription for Cornet, Ophicleide and Piano]03:02
  • 6III. Largo (Transcription for Cornet, Ophicleide and Piano)04:51
  • 7IV. Allegro con spirito (Transcription for Cornet, Ophicleide and Piano)02:08
  • Claude Philippe Projean (fl. 1843): Kyrie eleison pour trois ophicléides
  • 8Kyrie eleison pour trois ophicléides03:23
  • Gilbert Duprez (1806-1896): Agnus Dei
  • 9Agnus Dei01:19
  • O salutaris
  • 10O salutaris02:35
  • Gaspard Kummer (1795-1870): Variations pour l'ophicléide op. 62
  • 11Variations pour l'ophicléide, Op. 6206:36
  • Hyacinthe Klosé (1808-1880): Air varié pour ophicléide et piano, Op. 21
  • 12Air varié pour ophicléide et piano, Op. 2109:23
  • Albert Corbin (?-1893): Teautès, fantasie mystique pour cornet et ophicléide
  • 13Teautès, fantasie mystique pour cornet et ophicléide05:43
  • Total Runtime01:00:23

Info for The Virtuoso Ophicleide

Following the two volumes of the Guide des Instruments, RICERCAR goes further into the knowledge of several instruments and their specific repertoire. It was in 1817 that the instrument maker Halary invented this instrument whose low register prefigures the tuba.

Integrated into the orchestra by Berlioz, the ophicleide was also used in church to accompany the plainchant and quite present in military bands. But it also benefitted from a solo repertoire in the concerto genre as well as in chamber music. Patrick Wibart impresses with his total mastery of the instrument and the flexibility of his playing. To be discovered imperatively.

Trio Aenea:
Patrick Wibart, ophikleide Adrien Ramon, cornet Lucie Sansen, piano Corentin Morvan, ophikleide Oscar Abella Martín, ophikleide Jean-Yves Guéry, gregorian chant

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