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Label: Ozella Music

Genre: Folk

Subgenre: Traditional Folk

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FLAC 44.1 $ 14.00
  • 1Akkurat Det Som Er Nå04:04
  • 2Heilt Nye Vei03:43
  • 3Eg Ser Du Leite04:41
  • 4Slepp Tvilen Fri02:51
  • 5Tankane Har Fargar / Sjøl de Bitte Små04:54
  • 6Treet03:37
  • 7Ei Stille Nå03:42
  • 8Malt Dagen Din03:39
  • 9En Drøm04:02
  • 10Du Vett Godt Ka Eg E Sure For04:46
  • 11Stillheten01:55
  • 12New Path / Heil Nye Vei English03:42
  • 13I See You Looking / Eg Ser English04:43
  • Total Runtime50:19

Info for Heilt Nye Vei

The heart smiles and the soul dances. Home, to Norwegian singer-songwriter Elin Furubotn, are the two cities of Stavanger and Oslo. To her songs, meanwhile, home is where the heart is. Universal in their appeal, they deal with daily life and the big search for happiness in small things. Furubotn's signature sense for silky harmonies and catchy melodies again shines through on her fifth and first inter- nationally published album Heilt Nye Vei.

The songs of Norwegian singer-songwriter Elin Furobotn are so down to earth that even her dreams ('Ein Drøm') seem perfectly real. And so it should come as no surprise that all pieces on her first international album Heilt Nye Vei should be marked by utmost clarity and immediacy. Somewhere in between pop, folk and a touch of jazz, her music and lyrics feel refreshingly airy: The soul dances, the heart smiles and life and love are turning into experiences as long-lived and impressive as Furobotn's sounds.

It must have been the protected solitude of growing up in Tonstad, a small village surrounded by the high mountains of Sirdal, which inevitably led Elin Furubotn to dedicate herself entirely to music. Already as a child, skiing or collecting blueberries were merely distractions. Instead, she longed for the moments when she could sing and perform with her two sisters. In 1999, Furubotn released her first full-length Tikk Takk - and she hasn't looked back since.

Several bands, four albums and various musical experiments later, the singer and acoustic guitarist is now taking her fresh and charmingly-elegant songwriting to a new level. Her first album to be published outside of Scandinavia, Heilt Nye Vei was co-produced by renowned Norwegian sound wizard Truls Birkeland and features a formidable collective of guests, including saxophone virtuoso and duo partner Karl Seglem, Gjermund Silset (bass), Morten Mølster (guitar) and David Wallumrød (keyboards). Brimming with life experience and little wisdoms, it is a work of slowly unfolding melodies and rhythmical immediacy.

As befits a singer, it is also a work marked by her unique voice. Youthful and pristine, it is equally capable of intimate gestures, such as on fragile 'Akkuart et Som Er Na' ('Here In The Moment') or the subtly pulsing title track 'Heilt Nye Vei' ('New Path'), as well as more outspoken action on 'Slipp Tvilen Fri' ('Doubt'), a catchy tune softly propelled by airy reggae-grooves. Yet another remarkable artist to emerge from pop/jazz/folk-wonderland Norway, Furubotn infuses a down to earth approach with suspense and sensitivity.

Resting within themselves, compositions like “Stillheten' ('Silence') and 'Ei Stille Nå' ('Present Peace') feel like echoes of silence, making the soul dance and the heart smile. Her eleven songs on Heilt Nye Vei (Ozella Music) are complemented by two tracks in English ('New Path', 'I See You Looking'). The booklet includes English translations of all Norwegian lyrics.

"Her songs, after all, stand out for the freshness of her voice, their catchy melodies and their refined arrangements, which range from intimate conversations between guitar and saxophone to beat-driven grooves supported by powerful brass sections." (Imke Turner, HR 2 Kultur)

"her sensitivity for silky harmonies and contagious melodies is fascinating." (BR Bayern 2)

'With this album Elin Furubotn confirms her level as one of the most exiting, young artists within Norwegian contemporary jazz. The genre Jazz music seems a bit restricting or too limiting for this album, because Elin Furubotn uses elements from several genres. She is melodious and makes you relax and enjoy. There is something consistent and pleasant about the expression and a great harmony between her voice and the arrangements. The musicians Karl Seglem, Morten Mølster, Gjermund Silseth, Helge Andreas Norbakken, David Wallumrød, Truls Birkeland, Gunhild Seim and Mats Urdahl-Aasen are communicating ideally with the singer, guitarist and cellist Elin Furubotn.' (Gudbrandsdølen)

Elin Furubotn, Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, (Cello, Track 4)
Karl Seglem, Saxophone, (Vocal, Track 10)
Helge Andreas Norbakken, Percussion
Gjermund Silset, Bass
Morten Mølster, Electric Guitar
David Wallumrød, Piano
Truls Birkeland, Accordion (Track 3), Synth (Track 6)
Mads Urdahl-Aasen, Euphonium-horns (Track 6)
Gunhild Seim, Trumpet, flugelhorn (Track 6)

Produced by Truls Birkeland and Elin Furubotn

Elin Furubotn
Skiing in the winter and picking baskets of blueberries in the autumn was all part of Elins childhood. Music was an important part of her growing up with her two sisters, always singing in the small mountain village of Tonstad. Her mother taught her to play guitar at the age of 10. Surrounded on all sides by the high mountains of Sirdal, it was here in the valley by the river she started her first band, playing bass and singing with 3 other girls.

Today Elin is an accomplished singer accompanying herself on an acoustic nylon-stringed guitar. With her sharp musical sense and her sweet harmonies her refreshing style is likened to a carefree spring breeze.

Dividing her time between her two homes in Stavanger and Oslo it is often here by the fireside she can composes and writes her music. Her lyrics are often about little peculiar everyday things, the small events and situations that make everyday life important. Subtle tales of life observed filled with little gems of wisdom. This is life as we can see it if we just take the time to stop and reflect. She gives us lovely melodies that take us away from the noisy streets of the city’s theater to a place where you can feel and breathe, as she would have say. Her music can be quiet and thought provoking and at times with a strong rhythmic pulse.

With years of experience as a performer touring up and down Norway and a bag full of songs to her credit her latest album, "Heilt nye vei" ("Brand new path") will be her fifth solo album. The last two albums were released on the renowned Norwegian record label Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKv).

"Heilt nye vei" will be released on German record company Ozella (http://www.ozellamusic.com), this will be her first release outside Scandinavia aimed at the German and European market. The new album produced by veteran Truls Birkeland has Elin working with a superb band of established Norwegian musicians. The German release features two English tracks and all lyrics have been translated into to both German and English for the CD booklet.

DUO CONCERTS WITH KARL SEGLEM An exciting concert collaboration with Norwegian jazz virtuoso Karl Seglem has also resulted in a new sound and expression. Karl Seglem is a Norwegian tenor saxophonist who also plays on a natural goat horn, a true composer, producer and poet. Called one of Norway´s foremost musicians, Seglem has worked extensively with musicians from all over the world and his unique sound has won many acclaimed prizes and awards. The combination of Elin and Seglem is inspiring and spacious. With Seglems use of Norwegian traditional music as a starting point and Elin´s melodic songs together they have created new beautiful music.

Booklet for Heilt Nye Vei

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