The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers

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Label: Safe & Sound Recordings

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

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  • 1Brand New You03:32
  • 2Beautiful Blue05:18
  • 3Whiskey Song03:07
  • 4My Heart Will Never Be the Same Again04:11
  • 5Breaking Bad04:06
  • 6How to Sing Goodnight03:24
  • 7My Only Friend Tonight03:28
  • 8My War05:01
  • 9Loser on the Loose04:44
  • 10Secret/Sacred04:45
  • Total Runtime41:36

Info for The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers

The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers music moves between country, rock and folk music. The texts containing the personal observations of the generative relationships with a rich language that plays with the dreamy and mysterious symbols. Hence the name The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers. Kristine Marie Aasvangs melodious compositions and vocal techniques send you quickly to the plains in Asia, an abandoned country/western-shack, snow-covered plains in Finnmark county or the mountains further south. The band has been compared to Judee Sill and Sandy Denny.

"Receiving its first live outing via a release concert in Oslo (Norway), and issued to the general public late last week, was the eponymously titled debut album from The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers. With references to bands such as Mazzy Star and Cowboy Junkies being mentioned by this very music paper in relation to the band’s ‘My War’ single, the album, ‘The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers’ continues to follow in similar footsteps. Early indications suggest the complexity and beauty of the latter referenced Cowboy Junkies during opening song ‘Brand New’ that gives off an air of simplicity one instance, only to sound packed full of details the next where lead vocalist Kristine Marie Aasvang works miracles with the words by squeezing them through the narrowest of margins during its chorus, for example, and ably matched by the neighbouring guitar (Thomas Bergsten) and steady pattern of the drums (Alexander Lindbäck). There is a feeling of truths stripped bare, albeit in mind, during the tender and acoustic driven ‘Beautiful Blue’, where lyrics offer glimpses of a relationship that is on the verge of being gripped by anxiety and fear, from one person’s perspective that is, which is deeply touching and very beautiful in equal measures. If you’re expecting songs of an uplifting nature, then you’ve definitely got off at the wrong bus stop as these songs are often tales of broken relationships and lost souls. Such moments can be heard via ‘Whiskey Song’ that follows a certain country standard yet halfway through takes an unexpected U-turn and ends up a darkly twisted tale of revenge. It is this very act that sets The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers on their own path, and where former comparisons begin to fade due to the band heavily stamping their own personality over songs such as the compelling and gospel-tinged ‘Breaking Bad’, to the definite folk influence and marginal country rock of ‘How To Sing Goodnight’, before taking a similar trip with ‘My Only Friend Tonight’, and then ending on a raucous note via ‘Secret/Sacred’. A truly fine diversion of creativity where one can hear The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers really coming into their own (It was in the name all along!), in addition to delivering a debut album that is extremely compelling, and deeply moving, and one that is far from keeping any secrets." (

The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers

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