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Label: Backseat

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Contemporary

Artist: Martin Baltser

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  • 1Fuck, I Fell in Love04:36
  • 2Our Rockets04:24
  • 3Louise03:52
  • 4My Samurai03:56
  • 5Astronomer05:12
  • 6Simon, I Know a Place03:56
  • 7Baboon04:19
  • 8We Who Stare at Scenery05:03
  • Total Runtime35:18

Info for Pocket Poetry

Martin Baltser is a modern folk musician and LGBTQ artist from Denmark whose songwriting revolves around themes of identity and sexuality.

"After the release of my first album, I found it hard to find myself again. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, and I wasn't even sure who I had been before." So at the beginning of 2019, Martin Baltser started taking walks in the Danish countryside, with only a notebook and a pen in his hand. Every week he wrote lines somewhere in Danish nature and it changed his perspective and taught him a lot. "Seriously, write down your thoughts - it changes you!"

The new album "Pocket Poetry" is a critical response to the typical American dream of finding the perfect and true love. The album is a concept album, with each song inspired by walks in Aarhus - Martin Baltser's Danish hometown - and written in the form of lines of poetry. Each song is a thought or question about what love actually is or should be in a modern world.

The album touches on the dilemmas that come with being gay, and it puts into words what many people never say out loud: Love can feel shitty-scary and super hard to overcome.

One of the key tracks on the album, "Simon, I Know a Place" is an honest song full of hope and love. It's an LGBT love story about two men falling in love and the constant, never-ending search for that "safe place" in society where everything seems easy and normal - something most gay / LGBT people can relate to.

About the first released single "Our Rockets" Martin Baltser says: "On one of my walks in the town of my childhood, Vojens, near the German border, I remembered my grandmother Inger when she lost her husband Johan. I had never seen her cry and I had never seen anyone lose a loved one. I saw for the first time that sometimes life gives you so much grief that you may never get away from it - but you can learn to live with it. Even though I don't think my grandma ever got over the loss of my grandfather, I think she learned to live with it. That was a life lesson for me and a big inspiration for my song Our Rockets."

With the 2nd single "Astronomer", Martin Baltser has written a song for every child who has survived their parents' divorce. The music is spherical, dreamy and dark at the same time, drawing parallels to Nordic-sounding artists like Asgeir and Emilie Nicholas. The song describes the frustrating feeling of having to choose sides and the inner struggle of being a parent in a divorce. The last pre-release is the beautiful "Fuck, I Fell In Love", which will also open the new album.

"Pocket Poetry" will follow his debut "The Wasteland Incident" (Backseat, 2018), which told the story of his coming out, on 24 November 2022. Baltser sang of the expectations he couldn't live up to. Of role models he didn't like to conform to. Vocally, one feels reminded of Bon Iver with this extraordinary songwriter and producer - all elements are played and recorded by him - when he sings from a deep chest in a baritone on the one hand and clearly and soulfully in a falsetto on the other. In addition, the music is reminiscent of Woodkid and Sigur Rós in its orchestrality. Already his very first single "Call Me Wild" proved the enormous talent of the reserved Dane; vocally as well as on the level of production. Martin Baltser played several tours in Europe and visited festivals like Transmusicales in France, SPOT Festival in Denmark and NORDEN Festival in Germany.

"Martin Baltser brings together so many talents that you become jealous. Again and again there are moments that simply compel you to listen and listen again. I had to play his music for quite a while to anyone who didn't get out of harm's way in time." (Acoustic Guitar)

Martin Baltser

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