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Label: Zentralmodul Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Downtempo

Artist: Fresh Moods - Peter Haubfleisch

Composer: Peter Haubfleisch

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FLAC 96 $ 6.00
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  • 1Fireworks (Radio Edit)02:47
  • 2Fireworks04:48
  • 3Fireworks (Beatless)02:47
  • 4Distancy05:03
  • 5Tukan04:38
  • Total Runtime20:03

Info for Fireworks

A small instrumental with a big impact. A firework full of emotions. With this EP the artist Peter Haubfleisch shows us a new few into his world and feelings. Yes, that is how the New Year’s Eve should be backgrounded by all of us! Also it is the first view into his already-awaited new album coming up in 2016.

The project 'Fresh Moods' got attention for the first time by its instrumental contributions to the cult series 'Space Night' in Bayerischer Rundfunk TV Germany, since 1995. In the meantime the works of Peter Haubfleisch have reached a high artistic status and due to its emotional strength they have been used internationally for scoring commercials, movies and TV sets.

Statement by the artist: 'The beginning of the year. Fireworks. In this moment all worries are forgotten. We fall into the arms of each other. One night full of peace on our beautiful planet. The past dissolves in a big bang. Forgiveness. A restart with good intentions. We feel like children who are just discovering the world for the first time. This instrumental song sounds the way I feel.'

Particular attention will always find the high sound quality of Haubfleisch’s work. It’s his personal challenge to set new standards here.

Peter Haubfleisch aka 'Fresh Moods'
Peter Haubfleisch's pleasantly understated electronic music has cropped up on labels such as Ultils, Planet Vision, Hoerspielmusik, Suburban Nightz, and most commonly, Elektrolux. Mazarine and Ultratubes are his dance floor aliases, while he reserves his Fresh Moods moniker for the alternative ambient he is most famous for. As Fresh Moods, Haubfleisch followed up his 1997 debut with 2000's Swerve and 2002's Love. Death. Angels, from which Alfa Romeo chose 'Decisions I Made' for their German TV advertising campaign. With its broad range of style and tempo from minimal 2-step and house to squelchy ambient acid to sexy downtempo electro, it's no surprise that Haubfleisch's harmonic electronic has become the soundtrack for Balearic mornings chilling on the beach.

This album contains no booklet.

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