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  • 1Willkommen00:34
  • 2Do You See The Light?06:10
  • 3The Endless05:45
  • 4Midnight in Shiraz03:50
  • 5She Never Saw The Ocean06:37
  • 6Doppelgänger06:36
  • 7Beyond The Horizon05:03
  • 8Dark Sun06:48
  • 9White Nights (Don't Let Me Go)04:38
  • 10It Was Only A Dream05:27
  • 11From Here To Eternity12:16
  • 12Free The Dragon04:32
  • 13Déja-Vu02:31
  • 14Byblos05:47
  • 15Odyssey14:39
  • 16Sphinx05:08
  • 17Kein Weg zu weit09:06
  • 18Wenn es Nacht wird in Paris02:58
  • 19Goldene Zeiten03:45
  • 20Tears In Vladivostok02:24
  • 21A Night To Remember05:55
  • 22Lost In A Colourful Dream07:42
  • 23Time Is A Restless Companion02:29
  • 24Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer04:29
  • Total Runtime02:15:09

Info for Epic (Deluxe)

Inspired by large-scale film music, Christopher von Deylen (SCHILLER) develops his own epic orchestral sound on “EPIC”. For this, he combines his atmospheric soundscapes with emotional orchestral arrangements to create a gigantic head cinema soundtrack.

SCHILLER collaborated for the recordings with the 40-piece symphonic orchestra of the famous Synchron Stage in Vienna, where Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard have already recorded. “Working with forty creative people was a breathtaking experience,” SCHILLER says looking back. “Although there are now sound libraries with excellent samples, real instruments are fortunately irreplaceable. You immediately feel a wonderful, powerful energy. Being in a huge room full of collective creative power is incredibly inspiring. On “Epic” I try to capture this mood and transfer it to the listener.” On “EPIC” there are twelve opulent pieces on which the unique SCHILLER sound merges with fantasy and fiction. Each track is a self-contained musical narrative with goosebumps guaranteed.


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