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  • 1Prologue (The Mark of Cain)03:33
  • 2Growing Up07:33
  • 3Tv-Show04:49
  • 4Flying Home02:36
  • 5New Horizons07:30
  • 6Flies in My Head02:58
  • 7I Can't Feel02:41
  • 8The Call01:20
  • 9The Virus05:12
  • 10Splinter in the Eye07:47
  • 11I See You (The Regret)05:43
  • 12Epilogue (Her Poem)06:00
  • Total Runtime57:42

Info for Splinter in the Eye

“The desire to realise something like this was always there” says Jens Lueck, alias SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM. In his youth, influenced by some older friends, he was inspired by Genesis and Pink Floyd and from the beginning his bands were to be found in the segment of Progressive Rock / Art Rock. In the course of time the journey took him through different music-projects that he was involved in, for example, Soundtrack, World Music, Electronic, Art-Pop, but always it had to be a bit special because “I never liked mainstream stuff”, (quote Jens Lueck.)

“Two years ago, on my mobile phone, I received a message from my 14 year-old daughter: Dad, I have just come across a superb album and I’m sure you would love it! It’s ‘Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet’. All of a sudden it came back; I was “hungry”, and a few days later I wrote the first piece (The Virus).”

Quite soon it became clear that it should be a plot-based concept album, because from the beginning Lueck preferred compositions with a slower evolution and a larger space that could tell a real story. On the basis of questionable social developments and his preference for bizarre and futuristic scenarios, music and story formed simultaneously and quickly Jens Lueck decided to involve his companion / partner ISGAARD (7 albums since 2003).

“I felt as if all the dams had burst at once. I could hardly keep up with holding fast to all the ideas in my head. For a very long time I had not felt so free while composing.”

The project name “SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM” describes very well the formation process of the album.

Some (of Jens Lueck’s) old friends also perform in the recordings:- the Electric guitar players, Ingo Salzmann and Jan Petersen (ex Sylvan), with whom Jens Lueck had worked already on many projects in the past, the acoustic-guitar player, Dieter Koch, the recorder player, Volker Kuinke (among others Eloy), and the string players, Katja Flintsch (violin, viola) and Annika Stolze (violoncello), who had already been involved in several of Lueck’s soundtrack projects and many of the ISGAARD albums.

SPLINTER IN THE EYE is a modern, progressive-rock album with a disturbing story and stirring musical variety. Just thrilling!

Jens Lueck, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
Isgaard, Vocals
Jan Petersen, Electric Guitars
Ingo Salzmann, Electric Guitars
Dieter Koch, Acoustic Guitars, additional Electric Guitars
Volker Kuinke, Recorders
Katja Flintsch, Violine, Viola
Annika Stolze, Cello

Produced by Jens Lueck

Jens Lueck
was confronted with music very early in his life. The first impetus was given to him by his grandmother, who started to regularly play classical music to him at an early age. By the time he was seven he took classical piano lessons and became a big fan of Johann Sebastian Bach (“I drove my piano instructor crazy because I refused to play almost everything else.”)

As the years went by, he also discovered Pop-, Jazz- and Rockmusic. The journey began with Abba and Bands like Alan Parson’s Projekt, Eloy and Supertramp quickly led him to Deep Purple, Camel, Pat Metheny, Pink Floyd and Genesis. These last two bands finally initiated his decision to found his own band.

By coincidence he ended up playing the drums and fell in love with this instrument. Due to the circumstance that all the rehearsals took place in the cellar of the parental home, he often played the bass too and experimented with songwriting by taking “pingpong records” using two cassette recorders. His interest in sound and audio engineering grew and his musical skills developed.

After graduation he moved to Hamburg, where he additonally received the education to be an audioengineer (after he had abandoned the studies of physics to fully concentrate on music) and worked on a personal music project. For the first time he produced music for other artists as well and with the passage of time he built up a complete studio where he realises his own and other projects even today.

He worked as producer/ enigneer/ composer for, inter alia, Isgaard, several film music productions, Sylvan, Frank Ramond, Rainbow Serpent, Eloy, Kind of Blue, Lidia Kopania, Syrinx Call, Rain for a day and many others.

Single Celled Organism is the return to his roots, which lie in Progressive/ Art Rock.

This album contains no booklet.

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