Safe Ground Sandrayati

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Label: Decca (UMO)

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: New Acoustic

Artist: Sandrayati

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  • 1Easy Quiet02:46
  • 2Petals To The Fear02:28
  • 3New Dawn03:03
  • 4Suara Dunia03:54
  • 5Found04:06
  • 6Vast03:03
  • 7Smoke03:43
  • 8Segala Baru02:56
  • 9Bending Birch04:44
  • 10Holding Will Do02:43
  • Total Runtime33:26

Info for Safe Ground

Sandrayati welcomes you into her beautiful world. On her debut album, ‘Safe Ground’, she offers a profound and mesmerising exploration of identity, love and courage.

As someone who goes where the winds take her, Sandrayati cannot be confined to a singular sound or genre. Swirling around the folk-influenced guitar picking are myriad subtle textures created from synths and other electronic elements. What remains consistent is her intrinsic, tangible connection with nature.

"Crafting the songs in this album created a space soft enough to fall into, revealing the intimate pulse of my heart and nourishing the bravery to grow into new earth. As I landed, the songs themselves taught my voice how to nurture this emerging world. Slowly they, along with the many hands of a new community with gratitude to Ólafur Arnalds created a home for me, and now hopefully for you: an offering of Safe Ground." (Sandrayati)


Born to a Filipino mother and American father, and raised on the islands of Java and Bali, Sandrayati grew up embracing musical culture. Her parents, both of whom work with protecting the land rights of indigenous peoples, share a love of folk music and protest songs. Drawing on the challenges her parents faced in their work, Sandrayati began writing her first songs when the family relocated from Indonesia to the Philippines. She struggled with the sudden upheaval and needed to express coinciding themes of identity and courage. Last year, the singer and guitarist elaborated on this when she collaborated with Damien Rice and Icelandic artist JFDR, releasing a powerful tribute – ‘Song for Berta’ – to slain Honduran environmental activist and indigenous leader Berta Cáceres. She also represented Asia when she performed at the latest United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop26).

As an individual who’s always felt she “belongs to many places”, 2020’s lockdowns left Sandrayati feeling so far from a home that she could not return to. In this time, Sandrayati formed the belief that life’s safe places sometimes need to be deliberately created and nurtured – instead of expected. Produced by Ólafur Arnalds, this record became the ultimate safe space for Sandrayati, irrelevant of her pin on the map. Describing the writing and recording experience as a personal “landing”, Sandrayati discovered a mature voice in this enthralling new landscape. Eventually reaching out to find many awaiting hands of a new community, she hopes to offer a similar comfort for those lost souls reinventing their idea of home.

Ahead of her debut show at the St Pancras Old Church, which has welcomed performances by names such as Sinead O’Connor, Laura Marling, Tom Odell and Sam Smith, Sandrayati has been touring with Mercury Prize nominee Nick Mulvey across Europe and the UK, ending with a final performance at The O2 Forum, Kentish Town on March 23rd.

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